Thursday, September 30, 2010


ISDEV delegates to Medan, Indonesia

Listening to tazkirah after fajr prayer

ISDEV Delegates at Polonia Airport in Medan

Following the call for the need for Muslims to travel and thereupon see and ponder upon Allah’s creation, ISDEV Director Professor Dr Muhammad Syukri Salled led the 48 strong ISDEV delegations to Medan, Indonesia. The week long trip which started on 1 August 2010 had been meticulously planned to ensure that ISDEV members were not only physically fed but were also in receipt of intellectual and spiritual inputs.

In terms of the intellectual input for the first three days members attended the following programme which were all held at the main campus of Universitas Muhammadiyah Sumatera Utara (UMSU) in Medan :

2 August, 2010 - 3rd Workshop Antarbangsa Pembangunan Islam (WAPI-3)

3 August, 2010 - PhD Proposal Presentation (ISDEV PhD Candidates)
(Sister Marlina Ekanawaty and Brother Dato’ Khairil Anwar)

4 August, 2010 - Seminar Antarbangsa on the theme “Peran Dakwah Perguruan Tinggi Islam:Model Aplikasi dan Propsek”.

Some of the ISDEV delegates presenting papers at the Workshop

Outing in Prapat [Danau Toba]

In addition to the intellectual input, the members’ spiritual well-being was also taken care of. The mandatory prayers were performed congregationally. Members were also treated with at least two tazkirah (reminder) sessions a day throughout the trip. The tazkirah was delivered by ISDEV PhD candidates from Medan who took turn after every subh prayer and maghrib prayer times.

As for the delegates’ physical necessities in terms of meals provided and prepared for ISDEV members it was nothing less than superb! Every night ISDEV students from Medan play host to these musafirun (travelers) therefore allowing them to taste Medan own home-cooked savoury fair.

Lunch at Pak Suhrawardi's House

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