Sunday, June 26, 2016


Aisha reported: The Messenger of Allah, peace and blessings be upon him, would seek seclusion (al-i’tikāf) in the mosque during the last ten nights of Ramadan and he would say, “Seek the Night of Decree during the last ten nights of Ramadan.” 

In another narration, the Prophet said, “Seek the Night of Decree in the odd nights among the last ten nights of Ramadan.”

[Source: Ṣaḥīḥ al-Bukhārī 1916, Ṣaḥīḥ Muslim 1169, Grade: Muttafaqun Alayhi (authenticity agreed upon) according to Al-Bukhari and Muslim].

Monday, June 20, 2016


Getting the venue ready for the Majlis Berbuka ISDEV.
Love and brotherhood is very much emphasized at the Centre for Islamic Development Management Studies (ISDEV). In conjunction with the Blessed Month of Ramadhan, ISDEV took the opportunity to strengthen family ties by holding an Iftar (the breaking of fast) which was held on June 16, 2016 at Lantai Seni, Kompleks Cahaya, Universiti Sains Malaysia. It has become a must-event in the annual programme of ISDEV and so when Ramadhan is here, ISDEV members look forward to the Majlis Berbuka Puasa ISDEV organised by ISDEV Associate Members (ABI). It also provides the opportunity for ISDEV students whether RISDEV (ISDEV Postgraduate by Research) students or MISDEV (ISDEV Postgraduate by Mixed-Mode) students to do good and help one another to complete the required preparations so that everyone present can have a peaceful breaking of fast.
Before the breaking of fast - guests were gathered for dua' and dzikir.
The programme began at 6.45 pm with the recitation of dua' (supplication) and dzikir (chants to glorify Allah SWT). The Guest of Honour for this year's Majlis Berbuka Puasa ISDEV was Deputy Vice Chancellor of Student Development Affairs and Alumni USM, Prof. Dato' Dr. Adnan Hussein. ISDEV Director, Professor Muhammad Syukri Salleh gave a warm welcome to Prof Dato' Dr Adnan and his family and declared that Prof Dato' Dr Adnan was one of the meritorious top management members of USM who continuously supported ISDEV since before its inception until now. In fact, he is the person who should be given a lot of merit in collecting ISDEV Waqf Education.
After breaking the fast with something light and establishing the solat fard Maghrib congregationally, ISDEV members went about to fill their plates with the delectable spread served at the buffet table. Seen here is Prof Syukri (centre) with Dr Mohd Shukri (right).
As the call by Azizan Sarayon to solat fard Maghrib was heard, all guests broke their fast with dates and drinks as well as with some light meals such as bread, fruits and some Malay traditional kuih muih. Then, all those present established the Maghrib prayer which was led by Dr. Shahir Akram Hassan. After that, everyone present enjoyed the delectable dinner spread prepared by the caterer of ABI's choice.
A sight to behold - the nawafil solat tarawikh done congregationally.
After the call to solat fard Isya' was made by Abang Mohd Razif Abang Muis, President of ABI, it signified the invitation to establish the Isya' prayers in congregation. Thereafter the nawafil solat Tarawih prayers were performed led by Ustaz Taha (PU Taha).
Lovely Just Lovely - The cuteness of innocence as ISDEV members pose for a photo with their adorable children.
ISDEV Iftar is not meant to only strengthen the relationship among students, lecturers and support staff in ISDEV but is extended even to ISDEV family members. It is an event where ISDEV members get the chance to introduce their family members and invite them to be part of the extended family of ISDEV. Thus a family member of ISDEV member becomes an ISDEV member too - he or she is an integral part of ISDEV. Thus the feeling of ISDEV as one is truly and can be felt that night. Every ISDEV member exhibited a glow of happiness that night and it is hoped that their every family member of an ISDEV member would be able to support the struggles at ISDEV simultaneously be able to understand the struggles of their family member with ISDEV.
Bidding Farewell the Islamic Way: A RISDEV student greets Dr Fadzila Azni before leaving the hall at the end of
Majlis Berbuka Puasa ISDEV
The programme ended at about 10.30 pm. ISDEV is indeed grateful to all those who had helped out in bringing the programme to be a success. Members of ABI and all ISDEV students - RISDEV, MISDEV15.1 and MISDEV15.2 were instrumental in ensuring the smooth running of the programme. 

Thank you all and continue to have a blessed Ramadhan!

Sunday, June 19, 2016


Indeed, the wasteful are brothers of the devils, and ever has Satan been to his Lord ungrateful [al-Israa', 17:27].

Friday, June 17, 2016


Asma al-Husna recitation at 9.30 a.m in C05 room marked the start of the Mock Viva presentation by Mohamad Salleh Abdullah. His PhD title is on "Sistem Penyampaian Wakaf Berteraskan Islam: Satu Kajian Teoritis" (Islamic-based Waqf Delivery System: A Theoretical Study). Eight ISDEV lecturers attended this Mock Viva including Mohamad Salleh's main supervisor, ISDEV Director Prof. Dr. Muhammad Syukri Salleh and co-supervisor, Prof. Madya Dr. Zakaria Bahari, the latter is currently undergoing sabbatical with Universitas Medan Area (UMA), Medan, Indonesia.

At C05 where Mohamad Salleh's mock viva convened.
Questions and comments from all lecturers and postgraduate students that ensued immediately after his presentation had helped him to improve in the defence of his thesis. It had definitely given him the confidence to face his viva-voce scheduled for the next day in the morning of 16 June 2016.

After Mohamad Salleh's mock viva , another RISDEV (ISDEV postgraduate by Research) student, Mohd Zulkifli Mohammad received the endorsement to proceed with the submission of his PhD thesis after presenting his final draft PhD Thesis on "Andaian Ketidak-Terhadan Kehendak Manusia Dalam Ekonomi Islam Arus Peranan: Analisis Berdasarkan Tasawur Islam". (Assumption on Man's Unlimited Wants in Mainstream Islamic Economics: Analysis based on Islamic Worldview).

Mohd Zulkifli presenting the final draft to his PhD thesis at C05.
After being fielded with questions and comments from both students and lecturers of ISDEV in which he was able to answer all them well, Mohd Zulkifli received the good tidings from his evaluator, Dr. Mohd Shukri Hanapi that his final draft was accepted and eligible to be submitted. However, Dr Shukri reminded that Mohd. Zulkifli needed to make all the necessary amendments as recommended before it could be submitted to the Institute of Postgraduate Studies (IPS), USM for viva voce.

Mohamad Salleh in action during his viva proper - stressing a point to defend his PhD thesis.
The next day on 16 June 2016, the struggles of Mohamad Salleh, who embarked in his studies on a part-time basis, juggling work with studies for eight years to complete the thesis finally ended with his viva voce.  His viva was held at Mc Clintock Viva Room, IPS Building, USM at 9.50 a.m.

All for one - commemorating the solat hajat performed for Mohamad Salleh's viva later that morning.
However as usual, which has now become a tradition in ISDEV, a solat hajat performed congregationally prior to a student's viva was held at Masjid al Malik Khalid, USM. There was no exception for Mohamad Salleh that day.
Mohamad Salleh with his Borad of Examiners.
The chairman for his viva was Professor Dr. Hairul Nizam bin Ismail from the School of Education Studies, USM while his External Examiner was Profesor Madya Dr. Patmawati binti Ibrahim from the Department of Management and Technology, Faculty of Technology Management and Business, Universiti Tun Hussein Onn (UTHM). His two Internal Examiners were Dr. Fadzila Azni Ahmad from ISDEV and Dr. Zahri Hamat from the School of Social Sciences. His main supervisor Professor Muhammad Syukri Salleh and his co-supervisor Profesor Madya Dr. Zakaria Bahari were also present.

Rather a tense moment during Mohamad Salleh's viva as everyone was all ears listening to Mohamad Salleh's
defence of his thesis.
During his viva, comments and suggestion from the examiners were well received by Mohamad Salleh as he positively agreed to the comments given. At the end of his viva, he thanked all those present, especially his supervisor and co-supervisor after it was announced that all examiners were satisfied with his defence of his thesis. He had passed his viva voce.

Tuesday, June 14, 2016


A very humble and down-to-earth TV personality, PU Taha (left). 
Every Tuesday afternoon, ISDEV fraternity will gather for a class known as "Tuesdays Teachings" in which is slotted a tazkirah (short reminders) session followed by a lecture session. On 7 June, 2016 which coincided with the second day of Ramadhan, ISDEV welcomed PU Taha to touch the hearts of ISDEV members to share the reminders on Ramadhan Kareem. Besides being a popular TV personality, PU Taha is also a RISDEV (ISDEV Postgraduate by Research) student who is currently pursuing his PhD under the supervision of ISDEV Director, Professor Dr. Muhammad Syukri Salleh. 

In the overwhelmingly packed meeting room of C05, Tuesdays Teachings for that day was chaired by Dr. Mohd Syakir Mohd Rosdi. PU Taha was given the honour to take up the two sessions for that class. He used the opportunity to remind all ISDEV members present that day about fasting that could make one a cautious man - a man of taqwa (piety). He then referred to taqwa as defined and understood by the scholars of Islam. However all discourses and discussions are unanimous in stating that taqwa is essentially a feeling of deep conviction of knowing that Allah SWT sees us every time at all times.

PU Taha said that for man to achieve such a state there is a need to remove barriers (sins) existing within oneself and istighfar (repent). Then, discard those mazmumah (unwanted despicable) traits that are found within oneself such as riak (insolant), ujub (self-conceit), takabbur (egocentric). This requires three main actions. First, a lot of dzikir (remembrance of Allah through verbal chants). Second is reciting al-Quran (with translation as well as with people who can criticize our mistakes in reading) and thirdly is plenty of charity.

After the completion of the Question and Answer session with PU Taha, Tuesdays Teachings was finally closed with important announcements by ISDEV Deputy Director, Dr. Fadzila Azni Ahmad on upcoming ISDEV events such as ISDEV Graduate Discourse, upcoming mock viva and viva voce, Tarbiyyah Pengarah for the month of June as well as the Iftar ISDEV programme.

Sunday, June 12, 2016


Abu Kabsha reported: The Messenger of Allah, peace and blessings be upon him, said, “I swear by Allah regarding three qualities about which I will tell you, so preserve them: the wealth of a servant is not decreased by charity, Allah will increase the honor of one who patiently endures oppression, and a servant does not open a door of begging except that Allah will open for him a door of poverty” [Source: Sunan al-Tirmidhi 2325; Grade Sahih by al-Tirmidhi].

Thursday, June 9, 2016


Examinations have become the level measurement of excellence in academic struggles. Although it is Ramadhan and obligatory fasts are observed by all Muslims all over the world, Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) students have to face the impending SEMESTER-END EXAMINATIONS. Starting this week from 6 June, 2016 until 24 June 2016, all USM students have begun to face the final exams for the Second Semester Academic Session 2015/2016.

ISDEV students MISDEV15.1 and MISDEV15.2 (ISDEV Postgraduate by Mixed-Mode) students are not exempted from this gruelling academic exercise.
MISDEV 15.2 students in rapt concentration while attempting the
Islamic Epistemology and Tasawwur  (SIW505) exam questions.
MISDEV15.1 students registered to be accepted as students of ISDEV in September last year attempted their final exam for this semester. It is the second such examinations for them as they are now in their second semester. However for MISDEV15.2, it signifies their first academic acumen and tenacity in answering the examination questions as they had enrolled in the Master in Social Science (Islamic Development Management) programme only this semester.

ISDEV aims to provide knowledge to make every student outstanding so that in turn these students are poised and ready to glorify Islam at all times, in shaa Allah. Every student enrolled in ISDEV aspires to glorify Islam for the sake of Allah SWT. Their struggles should focus on achieving Mardhatillah (pleasures of Allah SWT).

To all MISDEV15 students, all the very best for your examinations. It is prayed and hoped that all MISDEV15 students will pass with flying colours. Aamiin.

"Oh God! Make useful for us what You have taught us, teach us knowledge that will be useful to us. 
Oh God! We ask you for the understanding of the prophets ,the messengers and those nearest to You. 
Oh God! Make our tongue full of your remembrance and consciousness of my heart with You. 
Oh God! You do whatever you wish, and you are our availer and protector and best of aid. "