Wednesday, September 29, 2010


The Iftar

ISDEV organized its annual Iftar (Break of Fast) programme this year on Friday 20 August, 2010. It was held at the Banquet Hall of USM. It was well attended by ISDEV members and guests who included staff from the School of Social Sciences and the spouses and children of ISDEV lecturers and students. The close knit ties were really felt alive that night as ISDEV members mingled and sealed the bond of brotherhood with one another.

This feeling of Islamic ukhuwwah was fortified with the congregational prayers of the compulsory prayers of Maghrib and Isya’ and followed by the nawafil (recommended) Tarawikh prayers performed at the Banquet Hall. There were three imam (head) for that night, Dr Miftahurrohim, Ustaz Shahir and Ustaz Taha who took turns to lead the congregational prayers. In between the two compulsory prayers, ISDEV members and guests while enjoying the food that had been prepared for this special occasion, the interview made with Professor Syukri and Dr Fadzila Azni on TV3’s Malaysia Hari Ini programme earlier in the day was played on the screen, to the delight of those who missed it.

This was followed with a short ceremony where all the guests who attended the Iftar programme were introduced to the ISDEV fraternity. ISDEV members who had just been blessed with a child for at least the past twelve months were each given a gift by ISDEV Director, Professor Muhammad Syukri Salleh.

However the highlight of the night was the “Majlis Perpisahan” that had been planned for Dr Miftahurrohim, ISDEV Post-Doctoral Fellow. Before bidding the last farewell to this much revered intellectual who is also a huffaz (memorized the text of the Quran), in quite an emotional speech, Dr Miftah (as he is affectionately known) talked about love and why ISDEV has a special place in him. True to tradition and as a gesture of gratitude, ISDEV presented Dr Miftah with a token of appreciation as well as a farewell cake.

Token of appreciation from ISDEV Director (right) to Dr Miftah

The farewell cake

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