Monday, June 30, 2014


Nurul Izzah (left) receiving a trophy to commemorate her win from Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin 
while Nur Jannah (centre), Director of Yayasan Nurul Yaqeen looks on.

ISDEV once again celebrate its student’s successful achievement and this time, the good news came from both Master and PhD students. Nurul Izzah Md Rodzi won the prestigious and much coveted Yayasan Nurul Yaqeen Best Thesis Award 2014 for the Master’s degree category and received RM10,000 in cash, a trophy as well as a certificate of appreciation.

Nurul Izzah making the news in Bernama and Utusan Malaysia, 26 and 27 June 2014 publications.

Nurul Izzah from the MISDEV’12 (ISDEV Postgraduate Mixed-Mode) cohort graduated from USM last April 2014. Her winning research, supervised by Dr Zakaria Bahari, was on “Sikap Waris Terhadap Pentadbiran Harta Pusaka: Kajian di Unit Pembahagian Pusaka Kecil (UPP) Kedah Utara dari Perspektif Pegawai dan Waris” (Heir’s Attitude on the Administration of Small Intestates: Study at the Small Intestate Distribution Unit of North Kedah from the Perspective of Officers and Heirs).

Meanwhile, RISDEV student (ISDEV Postgraduate Research Mode student), Suraya Ismail who had simply aced her viva last January 2014, had also won a consolation prize in the PhD category.

The two elated ISDEV Alumni members, Suraya Ismail (right) and Nurul Izzah (left).

Suraya Ismail did her research on "Latar Belakang dan Pemikiran Ahli Majlis Penasihat Syariah (MPS) di Malaysia dan Implikasinya ke atas Pembinaan Produk Pembiayaan Perumahan" (Background and the Thoughts of the Syariah Advisory Committee (MPS) Members in Malaysia and Its Implications on the Development of House Financing Products). She was a student under ISDEV Director, Prof. Muhammad Syukri Salleh.

Both of these ISDEV Alumni celebrated their auspicious winnings and recognition for an excellent thesis at the Master’s level as well as PhD level during the Majlis Anugerah Tesis Terbaik Yayasan Nurul Yaqeen 2014 with a book launch on “Transformasi Pemikiran Sarwajagat Jilid Kedua’ on 26 June 2014. The ceremony was held at The Royale Chulan, Damansara officiated by Deputy Prime Minister and the Minister of Education of Malaysia, Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin. The awards were personally presented to the winners by Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin, who is also the chairperson of Yayasan Nurul Yaqeen.

Celebrating their moments with Dr Shukri Hanapi (centre), an ISDEV lecturer, whose writings were featured in the book Transformasi Pemikiran Sarwajagat Jilid Kedua launched that morning.

It is hoped that through awards such as these, ISDEV's commitment to produce high quality theses on Islam could be further acknowledged and appreciated simultaneously bringing glory and honour to the name of Islam. It is also hoped that these quality theses can inspire new ideas and theories that can be used as models for the country's administration and development plans as epitomized in the speech delivered by Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin.

Saturday, June 28, 2014


The family of ISDEV wishes all a happy and blessed Ramadhan. May Allah SWT ease us in enjoying the maximum virtue of the month, entailing with the highest iman and taqwa, InshaAllah.

Friday, June 27, 2014


Six of the books and journals in which the articles by ISDEV academics appeared.
Nine articles by ISDEV academics have been published recently in eight different books and journals, as follows:

MUHAMMAD SYUKRI SALLEH (2014). “Pembasmian Kemiskinan Melalui Pemerkasaan Pendidikan Ummah”, dlm. Ahmad Zaki Abdul Latiff dan Baharuddin Sayin (eds.),  Pengurusan Zakat Di Institusi Pengajian Tinggi: Pengalaman & Hala Tuju. Shah Alam, Selangor: Akademi Pengajian Islam Kontemporari (ACIS),  Universiti Teknologi MARA, p.29 -40.

MUHAMMAD SYUKRI SALLEH (2014). “Islamisasi Pemikiran Pembangunan”, dlm. Azuar Juliandi (ed.), Islamisasi Pembangunan. Medan, Indonesia: Universitas Muhammadiyah Sumatera Utara (UMSU) Press, p. 1- 8.

MUHAMMAD SYUKRI SALLEH & MOHD SYAKIR MOHD ROSDI (2014). Islamic Political Economy : A Special Reference to the Use of Tahaluf Siyasi in the State of Kelantan, Malaysia, American International Journal of Contemporary Research,  Vol. 4 No.5, May 2014, p. 118 – 130.

MOHD SHUKRI HANAPI (2014). Agriculture Zakat Accounting in Malaysia, International Journal of Business and Social Science, Vol. 5 No.5 (1), April 2014, p. 178 – 185.

MOHD SHUKRI HANAPI (2014). Pelaksanaan Pembangunan Berteraskan Islam: Kajian Kes Komuniti Ban Nua, Hatyai, Thailand, Kenegaraan Hubungan Etnik Komuniti, Prosiding Persidangan Antarabangsa Kelestarian  Insan 2014, Jilid 1. Batu Pahat, Johor: Penerbit Universiti Tun Hussein Onn Malaysia (UTHM), p. 41-53.

MOHD SHUKRI HANAPI & WAN NOR HANIZA WAN HASAN (2013). Paradigma Tauhid Dalam Pencorakan Indeks Pembangunan Berteraskan Islam, Universiti Islam Sultan Sharif Ali Refereed Journal (UNISSA JOURNAL) (Brunei Darussalam), Bil./No.2 – 1435H/2013M, p. 171 – 214.

MOHD SHUKRI HANAPI (2014).  "Tasawur Pembangunan Dalam Al- Qur'an: Kajian Tafsir Tematik", dlm. Mohd Yahya Mohamed (ed.), Transformasi Pemikiran Sarwajagat - Himpunan Makalah Anugerah Tesis Terbaik Yayasan Nurul Yaqeen 2013,  Jilid Kedua. p. 36 - 75.

MOHD SHUKRI HANAPI (2014). “Islamisasi Pembangunan Di Malaysia: Kes Pendekatan Islam Hadhari”, dlm. Azuar Juliandi (Ed.), Islamisasi Pembangunan. Medan, Indonesia: Universiti Muhammadiyah Sumatera Utara (UMSU) Press, p. 39- 60.

Monday, June 23, 2014


The RISDEV student himself - Farid Wajdi in action responding to the questions posed to him.
ISDEV received another good news in the arena of viva voce of its RISDEV (ISDEV Postgraduate by Research) student. Farid Wajdi has added the tally to ISDEV records of "Excellent PhD Thesis". He was awarded Grade 1 (the highest scale accorded to by Universiti Sains Malaysia for a viva) by the Board of Examiners during his viva on Friday 20 June 2014 at C06, School of Social Sciences.

ISDEV members strongly behind Farid's back silently pray for Allah SWT for his success during the viva
His viva which was held at 3:00 p.m. on a blessed Friday afternoon saw him defending his PhD thesis on "Undang-Undang, Pentadbiran dan Penguatkuasaan Logo Halal di Indonesia: Kajian Kes di Sumatera Utara" (The Laws, Administration and Enforcement of Halal Logo in Indonesia: Case Study of North Sumatera) with a very cool, calm and collected disposition. The Board of Examiners unanimously agreed that his PhD thesis deserved a nomination as an excellent PhD thesis.

Professor Dr. Abdullah @ Alwi (3rd from right) posing some questions to Farid.

The Board of Examiners consisted of the Chairperson, Professor Dr. Rozhan Mohammed Idrus from the School of Distance Education, USM, external examiner, Professor Dr. Abdullah @ Alwi Hj. Hassan from Open University Malaysia and two internal examiners who were Dr. Zahri Hamat and Dr. Fadzila Azni Ahmad. In the meantime Dr. Mohd. Zaini Abu Bakar represented the Dean of School of Social Sciences while his main supervisor, Prof. Muhammad Syukri Salleh and co-supervisor, Dr Zakaria Bahari were also present.

A day that Farid Wajdi will definitely remember. He (seated second from right)
took a photo with his Board of Examiners moments after his excellent results were announced.
As the  culture in ISDEV prior to any viva, there are two routines that are strictly adhered to prepare students spiritually, emotionally, physically as well as intellectually. First is a mock viva which is usually held on the eve of the viva. For Farid, his mock viva was held on the Thursday morning at the University Conference Hall (DPU).

The mock viva in session at DPU
The second routine is performing the nawafil solat hajat congregationally amongst ISDEV members. Members would congregate in the morning at 8.30 a.m. of the viva day at Masjid Al-Malik Khalid to perform the solat hajat together with a focussed intention of seeking Allah SWT help to guide the RISDEV student who is sitting for his viva later that day.

This culture was upheld in the morning of Farid's viva. ISDEV members were seen at the masjid grounds as early as 8:00 a.m. The imam for the solat hajat is usually the RISDEV candidate himself. This holds true even in the case of Farid Wajdi, as he was the one who led the solat hajat that day.

 Farid (right) before leading the solat hajat expressing his requests to ISDEV members to ask Allah SWT to pass him if it is good for Islam, himself, family, and the ummah, and ease him in his viva for the sake of Allah SWT.
With these two routines in place that makes up part of the ISDEV viva culture, and the viva that took place thereafter it was indeed heart-warming to hear Farid's declaration to all those present, that with this gift of passing his viva, he intends to waqf (endowed) part of his life in educating and instilling the importance of a halal lifestyle to Muslims all over the world in general and in Indonesia in particular. 

Sunday, June 22, 2014


[He] who created death and life to test you [as to] which of you is best in deed - and He is the Exalted in Might, the Forgiving - (al-Mulk, 67:2).

Friday, June 20, 2014


Dr. Zakaria (2nd from right) evaluating two PhD theses proposals.

The ISDEV Graduate Discourse for June was held at the University Conference Hall (DPU) on Thursday 19 June, 2014. This month's session saw two PhD thesis proposals being evaluated before candidates were allowed to proceed with their PhD thesis research. However, this is the first time that one of the PhD thesis proposal presentations is by a PhD candidate from Universiti Utara Malaysia (UUM).

Mohd. Zulkifli Muhammad listening intently to a question posed on his PhD thesis proposal.

The first PhD thesis proposal was defended by a RISDEV (ISDEV Postgraduate by Research) student, Mohd Zulkifli Muhammad. He is embarking his research on  Andaian Dalam Ekonomi Islam Arus Perdana: Satu Penilaian Semula (Assumptions in Mainstream Islamic Economics: A Re-evaluation). Mohd Zulkifli's main supervisor is Professor Dr. Muhammad Syukri Salleh. In the meantime his co-supervisor is Dr. Fadzila Azni Ahmad while Dr. Zakaria Bahari evaluated his proposal.

Salutations to Mir Salim Ullah whose determination should be exemplified as he had chosen to present
his PhD thesis proposal out of his comfort zone in UUM.

Assoc Prof. Dr. Fatah (right) giving his comments on the PhD thesis proposal
while Mir Salim Ullah (left)  diligently listens.

In the second session ISDEV members heard the defense of the PhD thesis proposal from Mir Salim Ullah (UUM) whose research is on Islamic Financing of Small and Medium Enterprises: A Case of Rotating Savings and Credit Associations (ROSCAs) in Pakistan. His main supervisor is Dr. Nasri Naimi while his co-supervisor is Professor Dr. Rosylin Mohammad Yusof.  Both of them are from the College of Business, UUM. His PhD thesis proposal was evaluated by two ISDEV lecturers, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Abdul Fatah and  Dr. Zakaria Bahari.

A delighted Dr Nasri Naimi (right) after hearing the good news that his student, Mir Salim Ullah, gets the nod from both evaluators to proceed with his PhD thesis proper.

After the presentations in which both candidates received the green light to proceed with the research proper, ISDEV Director took the opportunity to highlight the high spirit exhibited by both candidates in defending their research although faced with insurmountable questions. He also encouraged ISDEV members to follow Mir Salim's attitude who showed his willingness to present and accept comments from members who were not from his university. He is able to accomplish all these because he is willing to improve any loose ends in his research proposal and willing to move forward in ensuring he is able to produce an excellent thesis.

Monday, June 16, 2014


 A sypnosis through pictures of the meeting held at C05 between ISDEV members
and the representatives from Qatar University

The Dean of Syariah Faculty, Qatar University, Dr. A. Hakeem Yousuf A Alkhelaifi accompanied by Dr. Sultan al-Hashimi, Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Studies, Qatar University paid a visit to ISDEV on 29 May 2014 with a mission to strengthen the Islamic ukhuwwah (brotherhood) between these two institutions.

Prof Syukri (centre) giving a short presentation about ISDEV

This visit is a follow-up to the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signed between Universiti Sains Malaysia and Qatar University. ISDEV Director, Prof Muhammad Syukri Salleh who started the meeting, gave a detailed overview of ISDEV which included the various academic courses offered, past and on-going research that ISDEV is embarked in as well as ISDEV plans for the future.

 (From Right to Left) Dr. A. Hakeem Yousuf A. Alkhelaifi, Dr. Haji Musa Ali,  
Prof Syukri Salleh, and Dr Sultan al-Hashimi  

Based on the briefing, the Qatar delegations were impressed with the various achievements ISDEV had accomplished. They expressed their keenness to exemplify and making ISDEV a reference point in managing the administration of their faculty whether academically or in the spirit of glorifying Islam that ISDEV upholds. The Qatar delegates also shared some information and their experiences about their faculty. 

 In hope for future collaborations - a group photo to commemorate the ukhuwwah formed 

It is ardently hoped that this visit mark the beginning of further cooperation in the near future between these two institutions. Besides Prof. Syukri Salleh, the meeting was also attended by the Director of Centre for Innovation and Productivity in Public Administration (PIPPA)Dr. Haji Musa Ali, ISDEV Deputy Director, Dr. Zakaria Bahari, ISDEV lecturers, Dr. Mohd Shukri Hanapi and Dr. Fadzila Azni Ahmad, ISDEV Statistician, Encik Aziz Tahar as well as ISDEV ASTS (Academic Staff Training Scheme) holders.

Sunday, June 15, 2014


Abu Hurairah narrated that the Messenger of Allah (salallahu 'alaihi wasallam) said: "A man is upon the religion of his friend, so let one of you look at whom he befriends." [Grade of Hadith: Hasan (Darussalam); Reference: Jami` at-Tirmidhi: 2378; In-book reference: Book 36, Hadith 75; English translation: Vol. 4, Book 10, Hadith 2378].

Saturday, June 14, 2014


ISDEV Director, Professor Dr. Muhammad Syukri Salleh  (standing) speaks at the USM VC Monthly Gathering With Staff. With him are (sitting from left to right) Director of Research Creativity and Management Office (RSCMO) - Assoc. Professor Dr. Lee Keat Teong, Vice Chancellor - Professor Dato' Dr. Omar Osman, Deputy Vice Chancellor (Student Affairs and Development) Professor  Dr. Adnan Hussein and Assistant Administrator (Accounting Management Section, Treasurer Department) Encik Mohd Adnan Yahaya.

ISDEV Director, Professor Dr. Muhammad Syukri Salleh had been given the honour to speak to USM staff in June at the USM Vice Chancellor Monthly Gathering With Staff. The auspicious occasion was held on 12 June, 2014 at the University Conference Hall (DPU). It was attended by the Vice-Chancellor himself, the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Student Affairs), the Registrar, other top management officers and supporting staff. Prof. Syukri took the trust bestowed on him seriously and sought to speak from the heart by sharing the ISDEV story.

Prof Syukri started his talk by giving the stark reality that it had actually taken ISDEV a very long period of time to get to where it is now. ISDEV started as a seed of an idea in 1981 and 33 years later ISDEV is now a Research Centre of Excellence (CoE). That same period of time is equivalent to the duration of his career.

Prof Syukri's speech span on the various forms of hardships faced by ISDEV, ISDEV philosophy and methods as well as what the future entails for ISDEV in particular and USM staff in general.

ISDEV success is not without any trials and tribulations. In fact there were aplenty. These tests were presented in various forms such as physical, psychological and even to emotional attacks. Some of the physical tests included the removal of the parking space reserved for ISDEV Director, removal of the ISDEV sign on the door, the scattering of ISDEV members' shoes when they were all arranged neatly outside ISDEV office, while some of the psychological and emotional tests were in the form of clash of ideologies, ISDEV and ISDEV members were the subjects of mockery and the non-confidence stance on ISDEV adopted by the senior management at one point of time. Besides grappling with these trials from outside ISDEV, there were also tests presented from within ISDEV, for example, in the form of some of the members' idiosyncrasies which at times pose a danger to the unity in thoughts and actions of ISDEV members. However these hardships were regarded as mere FERTILIZERS for ISDEV to grow and flourish.

The work ethos of ISDEV is greatly shaped by ISDEV philosophy that strongly believes that whatever work is done in ISDEV the intention must be clear - it is for the sake of Allah SWT. Real success is only in the Hereafter. Working hard, being laborious and making sacrifices are opportunities of getting spiritual rewards (pahala). Thus any work embarked is with the determination to glorify Islam, bring honour to USM and to benefit the ummah.

The work ethos is translated through some specific methods. Among them are: 
  • Relying solely on Allah SWT (through love and affection among members and love for Allah SWT: doing the main practices - prostration of thanks (sujud syukr), congregational prayers, solat hajat, observing nawafil fast on Mondays-Thursdays, and trustworthiness and honesty, etc. 
  • Non-confrontational (Harmony) 
  • Recognize the jurisdiction of a person, even a sweeper 
  • Akin to Water 
  • Mindful at all times of Akhlaq (good, noble and of exemplary characters) 
  • Building the Mirror = Excellence (scholarship of teaching and learning through heart to heart with love, research, publications, etc.) 

Finally Prof. Syukri shared with all USM staff present about his thoughts and aspirations of the future for ISDEV in particular and USM in general. He frankly feared of passing down a great big burden to ISDEV successors as there is a lot of work that need to be done as a CoE. To him ISDEV as a CoE is just the beginning. All else prior to this were just mere trainings. Although therein in him lies a silent yearning to be young again so that he could continue to carry this big heavy responsibility and trust, he is comforted by the strong belief that ISDEV successors will provide the continuity to excellence. They are guided in a jemaah (congregation) that has a common direction as well as consistency of action in ISDEV.

Prof Syukri ended his speech with a request to all the audience present to continue help ISDEV. To him it is a simple formula to follow because helping ISDEV is the equivalence of helping Allah SWT and helping Allah SWT is a means in itself of helping the well-being of the ummah and mankind (including the non-Muslims). He reminded the audience not to make the trials and tribulations as a precursor to giving up and losing hope. In fact these tests must be regarded as a catalyst for all to strive even harder especially for Islam so as to attain success whether at the individual (staff), department or institution's level.

A passionate Prof. Syukri on ISDEV . Sharing from his heart with the pulse of  USM - the staff.

Sunday, June 8, 2014


They who believe and do not mix their belief with injustice - those will have security, and they are  (rightly)  guided [al-An'aam, 6:82].

Saturday, June 7, 2014


Razali (left)  receiving the cash prize and proceedings book from a representative of University of Airlangga

Another joyous news for ISDEV. This time it comes from Surabaya Indonesia. Razali Othman a RISDEV (ISDEV Postgraduate Research Mode) student has done both ISDEV and USM proud. He received the honour of being the 2nd Runner-Up for best paper at the recently held International Conference on Islamic Economics and Civilization (ICIEC '14) held in Hotel Bumi Surabaya from 3 until 5 June 2014. For his endeavours in writing his winning paper entitled "The Philosophy of Fiat Money as an Instrument for Cash Waqf: An Expert Analysis" Razali was awarded cash prize and the Conference Proceedings Book of the ICIEC '14. 

ISDEV members with the organizing committee members and other participants

Razali is among the 16 presenters from ISDEV who participated at the ICIEC '14. The main organiser of the ICIEC '14 is the Islamic Economics Department, Faculty of Economics and Business, University of Airlangga. The delegation was headed by ISDEV Director, Professor Muhammad Syukri Salleh while the Head Coordinator for ISDEV delegates to Surabaya Indonesia is Dr. Shukri Mohd Hanapi.

Prof Syukri (right) presenting his paper on Overviewing the State of Islamic Economics for Islamic Civilization

On 4th June, 2014, the first day of ICIEC'14 saw Prof Syukri, as one of the four plenary speakers at the opening ceremony held at Hotel Bumi Surabaya. Prof. Syukri had to summarily present his paper due to short allocation of time afforded to him. His paper titled "Overviewing the State of Islamic Economics for Islamic Civilization" was well received as a number of participants took the chance to pose questions to him for a more detailed explanation on his call for a paradigm shift in assessing Islamic economics.

A group photo at the hotel lobby just moments before ISDEV members went for a short trip to find gifts and souvenirs for their loved ones. Seated to the right and left of Prof Syukri (centre) is Abid and Alif Nafila who were some of the undergraduate students of University of Airlangga assigned to chaperone ISDEV members in Surabaya.

The 21 strong entourage from ISDEV consisted of six ISDEV lecturers, ISDEV statistician Encik Aziz and 9 RISDEV students. The lecturers are Prof Syukri, Assoc. Prof Dr Abdul Fattah, Dr Zakaria, Dr Mohd. Zaini, Dr Shukri Hanapi and Dr. Nor Asmat while the RISDEV students are Razali, Ustaz Syakir, Ustaz Shahir, Ustaz Taha, Wan Nor Haniza, Murni, Azrin, Lenny and Shereeza.

Monday, June 2, 2014


The sumptuous and delectable cakes specially for ISDEV lecturers.

As a sign of appreciation to the lecturers and in conjunction with Teachers' Day Celebration which fell on 16 May 2014, MISDEV'13 (Postgraduate Mixed-Mode students) students organized a Murabbi Day Celebrations on 21 May, 2014.

Prof. Syukri (right) taking a moment to read the card presented by MISDEV'13 students.

The event was attended by ISDEV Director, Professor Muhammad Syukri Salleh, ISDEV lecturer Dr. Mohd Shukri Hanapi and fellows of the Academic Staff Training Scheme (ASTS) as well as ISDEV Research Officers (RO).

All eyes were on the screen to reminisce the sweet moments thus far MISDEV'13 students have with ISDEV lecturers.

The event began with a short video showing some momentous occasions in 2014 between ISDEV lecturers and MISDEV'13 students. There was also a poem recital on ‘Guru’ cited from the literary works of Sasterawan Negara (National Laureate) Usman Awang by one of the students, Shamfariza.

Ustaz Dr Shukri Hanapi (left) receiving a Murabbi Day gift from his student, Malik (right).

Even though some lecturers were not able to attend, the event went full swing with a gift presentation session. ISDEV Director, Professor Syukri representing the rest of ISDEV lecturers also took the opportunity to deliver a meaningful speech to the students.

Feeling grateful and humbled, Prof Syukri addressing MISDEV'13 students

Prof. Syukri stated that the award is not the main goal of academicians, especially the lecturers who are the teachers in ISDEV. However, recognition and such a tribute as organized by students such as MISDEV13 nonetheless is a delight to them. He also added that the greatest educator is the teacher who teaches one how to read and write. He concluded his speech by reminding that students should always appreciate a teacher even when they have already succeeded in their life. The event ended with a nasyid (Islamic songs) performance and a simple lunch reception. 

Sunday, June 1, 2014


On the authority of an-Nu’man ibn Basheer (may Allah be pleased with him), who said: I heard the Messenger of Allah (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) say, "That which is lawful is clear and that which is unlawful is clear, and between the two of them are doubtful matters about which many people do not know. Thus he who avoids doubtful matters clears himself in regard to his religion and his honour, but he who falls into doubtful matters [eventually] falls into that which is unlawful, like the shepherd who pastures around a sanctuary, all but grazing therein. Truly every king has a sanctuary, and truly Allah’s sanctuary is His prohibitions. Truly in the body there is a morsel of flesh, which, if it be whole, all the body is whole, and which, if it is diseased, all of [the body] is diseased. Truly, it is the heart." [Hadith from al-Bukhari and Muslim, Reference - 40 Hadith al-Imam al-Nawawi, Hadith No. 6].