Tuesday, August 30, 2016


Pak Catur presenting his PhD proposal calmly and manage to hide his nervous and tense interior.
Three more RISDEV (ISDEV Postgraduate by Research) students have made the mark to proceed with the next stage of their thesis writing. The three RISDEV students are Caturida Meiwanto Doktoralin,  Siti Arinah Ahmad and Noor Hidayah Samsudin were allowed to proceed with their research proper.

On 19 August 2016 two RISDEV students having their proposal presentation at DKA, Universiti Sains Malaysia. Caturida Meiwanto Doktoralina or known as 'Pak Catur' among ISDEV lecturers and students is a first presenter where his topic cover on 'Faktor-faktor yang Mempengaruhi Niat Pembayaran Zakat Pendapatan' . He is under the supervision of Assoc. Prof. Dr. Zakaria Bahari while Dr Shahir Akram Hassan act as the evaluator of his PhD research proposal.

Siti Arinah explains passionately on her research, stressing a point in her presentation
The second presenter is Siti Arinah Ahmad and her PhD research proposal is on 'Pembinaan Prosedur Amalam Kaedah Rukyah dan Hisab Dalam Penetapan Bulan-bulan Ibadah di Indonessia: Kajian Terhadap Amalan Muhammadiyah dan Nahdatul Ulama'. She is supervised by Dr. Shahir Akram Hassan while her PhD Proposal was evaluated by Dr. Mohd Shukri Hanapi.

Meanwhile on 24 August 2016, Noor Hidayah Samsudin presented her PhD research proposal on 'Kaedah Pegurusan Motivasi Rasulullah SAW Berdasarkan Kitab Syamail Muhammadiyah dan Pengaplikasiannya di Institusi Pembangunan Islam" at the new ISDEV open library, D04. She is supervised by Dr. Fadzila Azni Ahmad while her PhD research proposal was evaluate by Dr. Shahir Akram Hassan.

In action - Noor Hidayah presenting her thesis proposal at ISDEV open library in full concentration
All of the candidates tried their best to explain the details of the contents of their research proposal. A number of questions were directed to them immediately following their presentations. After a detailed evaluation and comments given by ISDEV lecturers, all of them finally received the good news that they could proceed to the next stage of their PhD thesis with modifications to be carried out based on the feedback given by the evaluators.

Congratulations and all the best to all three candidates!

Tuesday, August 23, 2016


One for the memory - Participants of the Interfaith Dialogue on Sustainable Development Goals happily captured one big smile photo for the memory.

Aug 12, 2016, two ISDEV representatives, ISDEV lecturer, Dr Wan Norhaniza Wan Hasan and ISDEV PhD student, Raudha Md. Ramli fly to Bangkok to participate in a five days programme organized by Islamic Relief Academy. The Interfaith Dialogue on Sustainable Development Goals held in Sukosol Hotel, Bangkok, Thailand. 

Asia Regional Consultation Muslim - Muslim Platform for Sustainable Development
Participated by United Nations and various NGOs from different religions in Asia such as Islamic Relief, ACT Alliance, Caritas and Lutheran World Federation, this Interfaith Dialogue discusses on economic migration, refugee and how the Sustaibale Development Goals (SDG) should be expressed either secular or religious basis.

Dr. Wan Norhaniza Wan Hasan (right) with Raudha Md Ramli (left) poses upon arrival at Sukosol Hotel, Bangkok

The discussion tackles on the challenges, opportunities and the role of Faith Based Organization towards SDG. A step in a right direction taken by Dr Wan Norhaniza and Raudha in getting more information in focusing on unity of different religions to achieve the main aims of SDG.

In Action - One of the presenter presenting on the global partnership and sustainable development goals

During the five days programme, Dr. Wan Norhaniza and Raudha received much more knowledge and input in sustainable development. The inputs gain from the interfaith dialogue are summarize into six points. The inputs are:
1. Creating networking and partnership with various Faith Based Organization (FBO),

2. Learned on how to voice out organization perceptions related to religious to higher level,

3. Involved in submitting FBO ideas to United Nation for achieving sustainable development goals,

4. Involved in discussions regarding problem faced by the Islamic Organizations (NGO) in Asia,

5. Analysis used to measure Muslim platform for sustainable development are SWOT analysis and PESTLE  analysis,

6. Creating a networking platform between Islamic organizations at various level including both regional and worldwide such as Muslim Aid, Helping Hands and Islamic Relief.

Serious discussion - explanation on the issues of refugees and people who are 'Apatride' (people who do not have citizenship) and role of Faith Based Organization, (FBO) by Mr. Anoop Sukumaran (ACT Alliance)

This is a news that uplift the heart. Mabruk Dr Wan Nohaniza and Raudha for this wonderful experience. ISDEV is more poised to move much further in sustainable development. InsyaAllah.

Development Effectiveness Training for The Faith-Based Organization Sector in Asia - Discussion on SDG inclusive all faith including Islam, Christian and Buddhist

Tuesday, August 16, 2016


ISDEV previous office at C05, which stored loads of fond memories
Focused on research and postgraduate education in Islamic Development Management, ISDEV or Centre for Islamic Development Management Studies was founded in 1995 at the School of Social Sciences, Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM), Pulau Pinang. In the beginning, ISDEV was known as the International Project for Islamic Political Economy (IPIPE). The name then evolved into Islamic Development Management Project (IDMP) in 1997, and finally, to its present name, Centre for Islamic Development Management Studies (ISDEV) in September 2005. ISDEV achievements continue to spur and on 17 April 2014, ISDEV became an independent Research Centre of Excellence (CoE).
Anjung ISDEV - a sanctuary to some RISDEV students as its ambience have helped them to focus on writing the thesis.
Big helpers from USM Development department.
Since ISDEV now operates independently, USM has granted ISDEV wish by giving ISDEV a new ‘home’ at the top of the hill of USM. ISDEV new abode is located in between the Centre for Policy Research and International Studies (CenPRIS) and Graduate School of Business (GSB). After operating for over more than 10 years at the C05 building School of Social Sciences, ISDEV has now moved to its brand new office as of 8 August 2016. ISDEV has shifted from its main office at C05 to D04. ISDEV new address is:

D04, Centre for Islamic Development Management Studies (ISDEV), 
Universiti Sains Malaysia, 
11800, Pulau Pinang.

D04, ISDEV new 'home' presently.
The current ISDEV building was an office of USM Falak Research Unit. After the renovation process, this 2-storey building currently have an ample space for ISDEV students in the new concept of ISDEV open library, 11 rooms for ISDEV director and lecturers, administrative office and a meeting room. Situated on top of the hillside of USM, the spectacular view overlooking the Pulau Pinang Bridge and the sea makes this new home for ISDEV extra special.

The massive moving on 8th August 2016 received help from everyone including ISDEV students, ISDEV lecturers as well as USM Development Department. With the help from USM Development Department, ISDEV managed to commence immediately the next day after the move. The construction for ISDEV new building started on 18 September, 2015 and was completed after 32 weeks.

The move from C05 to D04 although wasmostly physical in nature yet there are some fondly sweet memories etched in the minds and hearts of ISDEV members. ISDEV would like to thank everyone who had helped in the process of moving and arranging the furniture, books and theses. ISDEV look forward to welcoming everyone at the new office. As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words, the pictures below thus express more than words when ISDEV bids farewell to C05 and warmly welcome its new home D04.

Wishing ISDEV the very best of happiness in its new home!

ISDEV director, Prof Syukri, also takes part in the massive move to ISDEV new office and bid farewell to C05
The open concept of new ISDEV Library - an open concept of ISDEV library is in the process of arranging the furniture

Gotong Royong - Part of the tradition in ISDEV is helping one another.

Sunday, August 14, 2016


O you who have believed, be persistently standing firm for Allah , witnesses in justice, and do not let the hatred of a people prevent you from being just. Be just; that is nearer to righteousness. And fear Allah ; indeed, Allah is Acquainted with what you do [al-Ma'idah, 5:8].

Thursday, August 11, 2016


Azuar defending his thesis while he is watched by his friends and supporters.
The Monday of 8 August, 2016 augured well for Azuar Juliandi. It was the day that he had been waiting for. It had finally arrived. It was the day of his viva voce. It was the day to prove and defend his PhD thesis that he had worked upon for the last six years devoting his life on ""Budaya Organisasi Menurut Tasawur Islam di Bank-bank Syariah Kota Medan, Indonesia" (Organizational Culture According to Islamic Worldview in the Syariah Banks of Kota Medan, Indonesia). His viva voce which started at 2:30pm took place in the Conference Room of C06, School of Social Sciences, Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM).
 Azuar during viva presentation before the Board of Examiners.
Alhamdulillah. It was good news for Azuar as well as ISDEV fraternity. His viva voce which took a little more than an hour ended with such superb serenity and calmness. When the result was announced that he had succeeded in his viva voce with a Scale of "2", Azuar was speechless for a brief moment to let the words of the Chairperson, Professor Dr. Muhammad Kamarul Kabilan Abdullah from the School of Educational Studies, USM, sank deeply within him.
Azuar with ISDEV lecturers during his mock viva voce.
Prior to his viva voce and being true to ISDEV tradition, a mock viva for Azuar was arranged prior to his actual viva voce. On 5 August, 2016, ISDEV lecturers and students gathered at the Meeting Room of C05 to listen and witness as well as to gauge Azuar's preparations. In the meantime the nawafil solat hajat was carried out for Azuar at Masjid Al-Malik Khalid, USM in the morning of his viva.
Thanks to the Board of Examiners, Prof Dr. Muhammad Kamarul Kabilan Abdullah  (Chairman - seated centre),
Associate Professor Dr. Patmawati Ibrahim (External Examiner - seated left), and two internal examiners -
Professor Dr Muhammad Syukri Salleh (seated -2nd from right) and
Associate Professor Dr. Zakaria Bahari (seated - 2nd from left).
Being an accomplished academician himself, Azuar is currently a lecturer with the Faculty of Economics, Universitas Muhammadiyah Sumatera Utara (UMSU). He has contributed at least ten publications in all throughout his candidature as a RISDEV (ISDEV by Postgraduate) student. His writings have been published in journals, separate chapters in three different books that mostly centred on Research Statistics, Research Methodology for Business and Quantitative Research Methodology. He also actively shares his knowledge on research by using the website through his blog which can be accessed at http://azuarjuliandi.com/.

Congratulations Azuar Juliandi!

Wednesday, August 10, 2016


The cover page of the two books launched by USM Vice Chancellor.
The 10th ISDEV International Islamic Development Management Conference (IDMAC 2016) with the theme on "The Management and Application of Falak Syar'ie in Contemporary Hijri Calendar" was held recently at Dewan Kuliah A (DK A) of Universiti Sains Malaysia, saw the participation of a number of officers from the Mufti Departments of various states as well as from Department of Islamic Advancement of Malaysia (JAKIM) and Islamic Centre of Universiti Utara Malaysia (UUM). The close knit collaborations between ISDEV and the Mufti Department of the State of Pulau Pinang and the Mufti Department of the State of Kedah were instrumental in making IDMAC 2016 a successful reality.
One of the editors, Dr Shahir Akram presenting the books to USM Vice Chancellor, Prof Dato' Omar Osman.
One of the tangible results of this close knit collaborations was the ability to see through to the actualization of the deliverance of a promise by the organising committee to the presenters who were able to submit their working papers for IDMAC 2016 according to the dateline given. They were fruitfully rewarded when 25 papers had been hand picked by the editors to be published in two separate books. Takwim Hijri: Isu & Pengurusan and Takwim Hijri: Instrumen & Pencerapan Fenomena Falak. The editors of the book which consisted of 10 chapters on Takwim Hijri: Isu & Pengurusan are Dr Shahir Akram Hassan and Nur Aida Athirah Sulaiman. In the meantime, the other book consisting of 15 chapters are edited by Dr Mohd Shukri Hanapi and Dr Shahir Akram.
State of the art - with just the touch of the right palm, the multimedia presentation of the books starts.
In the official launch of these two books, the committee members had artistically prepared a video trailer on these two books. Prof Dato' Dr Omar Osman was then required to place his right palm on the screen of an electronic tab to commence the video presentation of the books. The two books were officially launched by USM Vice-Chancellor, Professor Dato’ Dr. Omar Osman, immediately after the official opening and remarks of IDMAC 2016. For a preview of these two books, the short video presentation used during the book launched is just a click away below:-

Sunday, August 7, 2016


Abu Ad-Darda reported: The Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him, said, “Your love of something might render you blind and deaf.” [Source: Sunan Abu Dawud 5130; Grade: Hasan (fair) according to Ibn Hajar]

Friday, August 5, 2016


The banner that says it all pertaining to IDMAC 2016.
With the full commitment of all committee members and ISDEV members, ISDEV successfully organized the 10th ISDEV International Islamic Development Management Conference (IDMAC 2016) with the theme on "The Management and Application of Falak Syar'ie in Contemporary Hijri Calendar". The two-day conference was held at Dewan Kuliah A (DKA) of Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM), Pulau Pinang. This is the 10th in a series of initiative to encourage related research in a specific field, falak (Islamic sciences on astronomy) as in this case, from Islamic social sciences perspective. 
Registration Activities - Presenters and Participants all ethusiastically geared up for IDMAC 2016.
IDMAC 2016 was held from the 27 until 28 July 2016 with the focus to provide a platform and opportunities for practitioners, experts, scholars, researchers, academicians, graduate students and others from all over the world to engage in an intellectual discourse on Falak Syar'ie. IDMAC 2016 also provided the opportunity to all participants to explore new ideas and share issues on Falak Syar'ie to ensure maximization of benefits for the Ummah
Some of the tools used by falak experts were displayed by the Pulau Pinang State Mufti Department.
There was a number of activities lined up for IDMAC 2016, both within the hall and along the corridor of DK A. The corridor of DK A was aligned with activities during IDMAC 2016. Besides the registration counter for presenters and participants to formally indicate their presence, there was the exhibition booth on the tools of astronomy used by practitioners of falak on display by the Pulau Pinang State Mufti Department as well publications from the Selangor State Mufti Department that were distribute for free to all. ISDEV too took the opportunity to have a mini book fair to promote books, articles and publications by ISDEV members which were sold at a special discount. 
Books Galore - The mini book fair by ISDEV in conjunction with IDMAC 2016.
In the meantime, within the hall of DK A there was the Round-table Discussion prior to the Official Opening Ceremony of IDMAC 2016. The session was hosted by three panelists comprising of the expert - Mufti of Pulau Pinang State, Sahibus Samahah Dato' Dr. Haji Wan Salim Bin Wan Mohd. Noor, the scholar, Dr Othman Zainon from Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM) and the practitioner, Puan Nurul Fatini Jaafar, an active member with the South East Asia Astronomy Network (SEAAN). 
The three panelists for the Round-table Discussion.
After tea break that morning, the Vice-Chancellor of USM, Professor Dato' Dr Omar Osman, graced the modestly simple Official Opening Ceremony of IDMAC 2016 with his presence and officially declared its commencement with the recitation of basmallah. Prof Dato' Omar congratulated ISDEV in its perseverance and dedication to see to the realisation of the 10th series of IDMAC, a feat which he acknowledged is needed to be given due recognition, bearing in mind the uncertainty of the current economic background globally. 
USM VC - Prof Dato' Dr. Omar Osman officially declared the opening of IDMAC 2016
Smartly adorned in an emerald green baju Melayu with a samping, Prof Dato' Omar acknowledged the active involvement and simultaneously conveyed his thanks to the Pulau Pinang State Mufti Department and the Kedah State Mufti Department. Both of these states' departments were instrumental in ensuring the smooth running of IDMAC 2016 as the former covered the expenses required especially for the two keynote speakers for the conference while the latter sponsored the printing costs of 500 copies for each of the two books launched that day. 
Group photo with Vice Chancellor of USM, Mufti of the State of Pulau Pinang and ISDEV Director, ISDEV lecturers, paper presenters, guests from various various states' Islamic departments and agencies as well as  ISDEV students.
Once Prof Dato Omar Osman had officially opened IDMC 2016, he was then invited to launch the two published books that transpired from the conference - Takwim Hijri: Instrumen & Pencerapan Fenomena Falak and Takwim Hijri: Isu & Pengurusan. The editors of these two books, Dr Shahir Akram Hassan, Dr Mohd Shukri Hanapi and Nur Aida Athirah Sulaiman had carefully selected from the working papers submitted to be presented at IDMAC 2016 which were found to be of quality to be included as separate chapters in these two books. They presented the copies of the books to the VC, Prof Dato' Dr Omar, Sahibus Samahah Dato' Dr. Haji Wan Salim Bin Wan Mohd. Noor and ISDEV Director, Professor Dr Muhammad Syukri Salleh.
USM Vice Chancellor launched the two books with the touch of his hand.
The Media and Public Relations Centre (MPRC), USM made a coverage on the opening ceremony of IDMAC 2016 by the Vice Chancellor of USM in Buletin USM recently. The said news can be assessed with just a click of a button below:-

Tuesday, August 2, 2016


ISDEV lecturers passionately listening to Mohd Syahmir's final PhD thesis.
Alhamdulillah, praise is indeed to Allah SWT for His blessings, as the mock viva of Mohd Syahmir Alias ended with an outstanding positive feedback from ISDEV lecturers. 'Bear the fruits of his Labour" is perhaps the best idiom to describe RISDEV (ISDEV by Postgraduate) student, Mohd Syahmir, eagerness to succeed and complete his PhD thesis within a short time frame of a mere two years and one month. Not to mention, he is only 26 years old and dreams of getting the title 'Dr.' as soon as possible. His main supervisor is Dr. Mohd Shukri Hanapi while his co-supervisor is Dr. Shahir Akram Hassan.
His supporters consisting of ISDEV lecturers and students after the Solat Hajat. 
As expected when we solely depend on Allah SWT, He will guide and lead us to success. Mohd Syahmir once again remake the history of ISDEV achievement when he was awarded with a scale of 1. His PhD thesis is about "Bebas Nilai Dalam Penyelidikan Saintifik: Kajian dari Perspektif Perkaedahan Penyelidikan Berteraskan Islam" (Value Free in Scientific Research from the Islamic-based Research Methods Perspectives). 
ISDEV Director, Prof. Syukri as one of the internal examiners during Mohd Syahmir's viva testing his capability in answering and defending his thesis.

Mohd Syahmir is a RISDEV student who is actively involved in ISDEV activities. Besides struggling to complete his PhD thesis well ahead of time, he is also an author of "Ibn Al-Haytham Pelopor Konsep Penyelidikan Saintifik". Today, he already has 2 chapters in a book, 7 published articles in various journals, 9 articles in popular media, as well as 16 paper presentations.
Thanks to the Board of Examiners, Prof Dato' Dr. Mohd Mokhtar Saidin (Chairman - seated 2nd from right),
Prof. Dr. Engku Ahmad Zaki Engku Alwi (External Examiner - seated left), and two internal examiners -
Prof. Dr Muhammad Syukri Salleh (seated -2nd from left) and Dr. Fadzilah Azni Ahmad (standing - left).

Congratulations Mohd Syahmir Alias! ISDEV is indeed proud of you!