Friday, October 1, 2010


The recent trip of the ISDEV fraternity to Medan, Indonesia was truly amazing. ISDEV members had the chance to taste Medan home-cooked food almost every dinner time whilst they were there from 1 August 2010 until 7 August 2010. Each of ISDEV PhD candidates who hailed from Medan took turn to host the ISDEV delegates who were there for the 7 day 6 night trip.

Brother Dato’ Khairil Anwar was the first to host the dinner at his lovely abode in a place called Gelugor. He had also surprised ISDEV Director, Professor Dr Muhammad Syukri Salleh, with a birthday cake. The next in line was dinner at Brother Farid Wajdi’s abode for dinner. He surprised ISDEV members with delectable home-cooked eel which was, to some, simply too irresistible.

For the fourth night, Brother Heri Kusmonto honoured ISDEV members with dinner at his exquisite residence which was quite a distance from the hurried and bustling life of the third busiest city in Indonesia. Some members who looked forward to be served with the mouth-watering cucumber juice were definitely contented with the luxurious delightful spread.

ISDEV members were brought to Prapart on the fifth night. Dinner was at the great outdoor with the beautiful and scenic Lake Toba in the backdrop. There ISDEV members were treated with “Ikan Bakar” and the delicious king of the fruits durians of North Sumatera.

Back form Prapart, Dr Sukiman, an ISDEV alumni gave a dinner treat at his beautiful house. Besides presenting the appetizing fair with a mixture of Medan and Aceh home-cooked food, there was a presentation by a Marhaban Group and another birthday cake for Prof Syukri (as he is affectionately known) to commemorate his 56th Birthday.

Just before flying back to Penang, ISDEV members were then hosted for lunch at Brother Suhrawardi Lubis’ private residence. His family members especially his wife, Sister Latifah, was all smiles as she saw ISDEV members tasting her home cooked dishes with such enthusiasm. In enjoying the food that had been prepared the ISDEV fraternity was at all times mindful of the adab (the manner and decorum) of being a guest and of eating as exemplified by Rasulullah s.a.w.

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