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ISDEV delegates ready to board the flight to Negara Brunei Darussalam at KLIA.
On 11 November, 2016, 7 ISDEV lecturers, 1 ISDEV honorary lecturer, 2 ISDEV academic staff training scheme (ASTS) together with 4 ISDEV Alumni members and 2 officers from the Alumni office of Universiti Sains Malayia (USM) geared up to accomplish their mission in Negara Brunei Darussalam. United as one team, they brought along with them ISDEV idealism, reputation and good image. They were prepared to share their expertise and knowledge at the Colloquium on Islamic Development Management. In the meantime within the entourage, all 7 ISDEV lecturers were also there to further proceed with their fieldwork as well as discussions on the Encyclopedia Zikir Nation project.
ISDEV delegates at the Majlis Kesyukuran held at Rizqun International Hotel.
On the night of their arrival at Negara Brunei Darussalam, ISDEV Advisor, Yang Mulia Pehin Orang Kaya Lela Dato Seri Laila Jasa Haji Awang Abdul Rahman Haji Abdul Karim hosted the delegates with a grand dinner which was fit for a king. The Majlis Kesyukuran was held at the Presidential Lounge of the Rizqun International Hotel. While being feasted gastronomically, ISDEV delegates also had the opportunity to hear a live salawat (blessings to Rasulullah SAW) session and qasidah (Arabic balladry) which were beautifully and melodically sang.
UNISSA's Rector, Dr Haji Norarfan Zainal.
On the second day of the trip, ISDEV delegates went to Universiti Islam Sultan Sharif Ali (UNISSA) Brunei, to fulfil the invitation of  UNISSA's Rector Dr Haji Norarfan Zainal. The delegates were warmly welcomed and was given the good news on the setting up of a new faculty at UNISSA, the Faculty of Islamic Development Management (FISDEV). The university is all geared up to take in the first batch of undergraduate students in this faculty in the upcoming Academic Session 2017/2018.
(Right) Dr Mohd Shukri presented his latest book to ISDEV Advisor, YM Pehin Orang Kaya Lela Dato Seri Laila Jasa Haji Awang Abdul Rahman Haji Abdul Karim. (Left)  UNISSA's Rector, Dr Norarfan gave his opening remarks at the start of the colloquium.
ISDEV delegates were then hosted by YDM Pehin, on the third day of the trip, with a Colloquium on Islamic Development Management.The colloquium had the gathering of great minds and heart of both ISDEV delegates as well as the top management of UNISSA and the faculty members of FISDEV. This colloquium was also held at the Rizqun International Hotel which was intended to be a sharing session to chart FISDEV successful future.

Colluquium session held at the Rizqun International Hotel
Prof. Syukri hands over the letter of appointment (extension) to YDM Pehin Abdul Rahman as ISDEV Advisor to YDM Pehin and Dr. Norarfan Zainal as ISDEV Associate Fellow.
Prior to the start of the serious discussion, but immediately after tasting the delectable dinner course , ISDEV Director, Professor Dr Muhammad Syukri Salleh, personally handed over three letters signed by USM Vice Chancellor, Professor Datuk Dr. Asma Ismail, extending the appointment of Yang Mulia Pehin Orang Kaya Lela Dato Seri Laila Jasa Haji Awang Abdul Rahman Haji Abdul Karim as the Advisor to ISDEV, Dr. Norarfan Zainal, UNISSA's Rector as ISDEV Hononary Fellow, and Tuan Hajj Rafee of Universiti Brunei Darussalam also as ISDEV Hononary Fellow. At the same time, ISDEV lecturer, Dr. Mohd. Shukri Hanapi and ISDEV Alumni who is the current Vice-Chancellor of University College Bestari, Prof. Ab. Aziz Yusoff , both presented their latest books to YDM Pehin.
Prof. Syukri listens attentively to the explanation during an interview session.
The end of the colloquium signaled the start of serious empirical work by ISDEV lecturers throughout the remaining days they were in Brunei. For the purpose of the Encyclopedia Zikir Nation project, ISDEV delegates, headed by Prof Syukri, went to various government agencies for data collection. Among the government agencies they had the opportunity to hold a face-to-face semi-structured interview was the Acting Director of Administration, Office of the Mufti, Haji Mohammad Sufian Haji Basri, and the Permanent Secretary (SUT) of the Ministry of Religious Affairs of Brunei, Yang Mulia Dato Seri Setia Haji Abd Aziz bin Orang Kaya Maharaja Lela Haji Yussof, Permanent Secretary (SUT).

Prof. Syukri ,Dr Rauf of UNISSA and all ISDEV lectures trying out the library's information system to search for literatures that culd help them further in their Encyclopedia Zkiri Nation project
For the empirical part of this trip to Negara Brunei Darussalam, besides collecting data from the various government agencies, ISDEV lecturers also had the opportunity to visit the library and book stores around the country. Meetings with their UNISSA's counterpart before the start and after the end of the empirical part were also held at UNISSA.
A meeting on the project Encyclopedia Negara Zikir with UNISSA researchers was held at UNISSA.

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