Wednesday, December 7, 2016


Mohd Zulkifli just moments before his viva shows he is ready for his viva voce.
The Tuesday of 29th November 2016, two RISDEV students (ISDEV Postgraduate by Research) students, Mohd Zulkifli Muhammad and Azreen Hamiza Abdul Aziz were spiritually and mentally prepared to face their viva voce held at C23, Meeting Room of the School of Social Sciences, Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM). It was the day to prove and defend their PhD thesis that they had worked upon for years.
In action - Mohd Zulkifli answering Chairman's Prof. Dr. Ahmad Sanusi Hassan questions
Mohd Zulkifli Bin Muhammad was the first candidate to face his viva voce. His session was in the morning. He calmly but confidently defended his PhD thesis on "Andaian ketidak-Terhadan Kehendak Manusia Dalam Ekonomi Islam Arus Perdana: Analisis Berdasarkan Tasawur Islam" (Assumption of Man's Unlimited Wants in Mainstream Islamic Economics: An Analysis From Islamic Tasawur). 
Thanks to the Board of Examiners, Prof Dr. Ahmad Sanusi Hassan  (Chairman - seated 2nd from left),
  Prof. Dr. Engku Ahmad Zaki Engku Alwi (External Examiner - seated right), and two internal examiners -
  Dr. Shukri Hanapi (standing -2nd from right) and Associate Professor Dr. Zakaria Bahari (standing - 3rd from left).
Alhamdulillah, praise is to Allah SWT, the viva voce for Mohd Zulkifli Muhammad ended with flying colours. His viva was smooth flowing throughout. His main supervisor Professor Dr. Muhammad Syukri Salleh and co-supervisor Dr. Fadzila Azni Ahmad were proud of their student when the result was announced that he had succeeded in his viva voce with a Scale of 1.
Azreen Hamiza with her big supporter, her husband Mohd Azrul. 
The second candidate of viva voce in the afternoon session was Azreen Hamiza Abdul Aziz. She had successfully defended her PhD thesis on "Conceptualizing Islamic Hospitality Management".
With humility and patience Azreen Hamiza explains the finer points of her PhD Thesis during her viva voce.
She showed her mastery of the subject and research as she was able to answer the questions posed to her rather matter-of-factly yet in the most relaxed mannerism possible exuding her strong grasp of her research throughout the viva. This had surely impressed her examiners when all examiners were made known that her academic and career background prior to her PhD endeavours was in the filed of financing. They had unanimously agreed to award her with a Scale of 2.
Thanks to the Board of Examiners, Prof Dato' Dr. Abdul Rashid Mohamed  (Chairman - seated 3rd right),
  Prof. Dr. Engku Ahmad Zaki Engku Alwi (External Examiner - seated 2nd right), and two internal examiners -
  Dr. Fadzila Azni Ahmad (standing -2nd from right) and Associate Professor Dr. Abdul Aziz Hussin (seated - right)
 It is truly and ardently believed that apart from the efforts of the candidates and all parties involved, the do'a (supplication) from all ISDEV members has added to the blessings of such blissful news.

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