Tuesday, August 23, 2016


One for the memory - Participants of the Interfaith Dialogue on Sustainable Development Goals happily captured one big smile photo for the memory.

Aug 12, 2016, two ISDEV representatives, ISDEV lecturer, Dr Wan Norhaniza Wan Hasan and ISDEV PhD student, Raudha Md. Ramli fly to Bangkok to participate in a five days programme organized by Islamic Relief Academy. The Interfaith Dialogue on Sustainable Development Goals held in Sukosol Hotel, Bangkok, Thailand. 

Asia Regional Consultation Muslim - Muslim Platform for Sustainable Development
Participated by United Nations and various NGOs from different religions in Asia such as Islamic Relief, ACT Alliance, Caritas and Lutheran World Federation, this Interfaith Dialogue discusses on economic migration, refugee and how the Sustaibale Development Goals (SDG) should be expressed either secular or religious basis.

Dr. Wan Norhaniza Wan Hasan (right) with Raudha Md Ramli (left) poses upon arrival at Sukosol Hotel, Bangkok

The discussion tackles on the challenges, opportunities and the role of Faith Based Organization towards SDG. A step in a right direction taken by Dr Wan Norhaniza and Raudha in getting more information in focusing on unity of different religions to achieve the main aims of SDG.

In Action - One of the presenter presenting on the global partnership and sustainable development goals

During the five days programme, Dr. Wan Norhaniza and Raudha received much more knowledge and input in sustainable development. The inputs gain from the interfaith dialogue are summarize into six points. The inputs are:
1. Creating networking and partnership with various Faith Based Organization (FBO),

2. Learned on how to voice out organization perceptions related to religious to higher level,

3. Involved in submitting FBO ideas to United Nation for achieving sustainable development goals,

4. Involved in discussions regarding problem faced by the Islamic Organizations (NGO) in Asia,

5. Analysis used to measure Muslim platform for sustainable development are SWOT analysis and PESTLE  analysis,

6. Creating a networking platform between Islamic organizations at various level including both regional and worldwide such as Muslim Aid, Helping Hands and Islamic Relief.

Serious discussion - explanation on the issues of refugees and people who are 'Apatride' (people who do not have citizenship) and role of Faith Based Organization, (FBO) by Mr. Anoop Sukumaran (ACT Alliance)

This is a news that uplift the heart. Mabruk Dr Wan Nohaniza and Raudha for this wonderful experience. ISDEV is more poised to move much further in sustainable development. InsyaAllah.

Development Effectiveness Training for The Faith-Based Organization Sector in Asia - Discussion on SDG inclusive all faith including Islam, Christian and Buddhist

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