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ISDEV previous office at C05, which stored loads of fond memories
Focused on research and postgraduate education in Islamic Development Management, ISDEV or Centre for Islamic Development Management Studies was founded in 1995 at the School of Social Sciences, Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM), Pulau Pinang. In the beginning, ISDEV was known as the International Project for Islamic Political Economy (IPIPE). The name then evolved into Islamic Development Management Project (IDMP) in 1997, and finally, to its present name, Centre for Islamic Development Management Studies (ISDEV) in September 2005. ISDEV achievements continue to spur and on 17 April 2014, ISDEV became an independent Research Centre of Excellence (CoE).
Anjung ISDEV - a sanctuary to some RISDEV students as its ambience have helped them to focus on writing the thesis.
Big helpers from USM Development department.
Since ISDEV now operates independently, USM has granted ISDEV wish by giving ISDEV a new ‘home’ at the top of the hill of USM. ISDEV new abode is located in between the Centre for Policy Research and International Studies (CenPRIS) and Graduate School of Business (GSB). After operating for over more than 10 years at the C05 building School of Social Sciences, ISDEV has now moved to its brand new office as of 8 August 2016. ISDEV has shifted from its main office at C05 to D04. ISDEV new address is:

D04, Centre for Islamic Development Management Studies (ISDEV), 
Universiti Sains Malaysia, 
11800, Pulau Pinang.

D04, ISDEV new 'home' presently.
The current ISDEV building was an office of USM Falak Research Unit. After the renovation process, this 2-storey building currently have an ample space for ISDEV students in the new concept of ISDEV open library, 11 rooms for ISDEV director and lecturers, administrative office and a meeting room. Situated on top of the hillside of USM, the spectacular view overlooking the Pulau Pinang Bridge and the sea makes this new home for ISDEV extra special.

The massive moving on 8th August 2016 received help from everyone including ISDEV students, ISDEV lecturers as well as USM Development Department. With the help from USM Development Department, ISDEV managed to commence immediately the next day after the move. The construction for ISDEV new building started on 18 September, 2015 and was completed after 32 weeks.

The move from C05 to D04 although wasmostly physical in nature yet there are some fondly sweet memories etched in the minds and hearts of ISDEV members. ISDEV would like to thank everyone who had helped in the process of moving and arranging the furniture, books and theses. ISDEV look forward to welcoming everyone at the new office. As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words, the pictures below thus express more than words when ISDEV bids farewell to C05 and warmly welcome its new home D04.

Wishing ISDEV the very best of happiness in its new home!

ISDEV director, Prof Syukri, also takes part in the massive move to ISDEV new office and bid farewell to C05
The open concept of new ISDEV Library - an open concept of ISDEV library is in the process of arranging the furniture

Gotong Royong - Part of the tradition in ISDEV is helping one another.

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