Tuesday, July 14, 2015


Alhamdulillah...thank you Allah. Finally almost all 15 books written mostly by ISDEV members and published by Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka (DBP) are nearing completion. These 15 books are in the list of ISDEV-DBP books publication for the year 2015. Only one more book is left in the pipeline and scheduled to be published very soon.
The attractive book covers for the books written by Razali, Surita Hartini and Abdul Aziz.
This final batch of books include "Wakaf Tunai: Sejarah, Amalan dan Cabaran Masa Kini" (Cash Waqf: History, Practice and Current Challenges) is written by ISDEV Alumni, Dr. Razali Othman while Surita Hartini Mat Hassan, who is also an ISDEV Alumni member has written on "Potensi Dinar Emas dalam Wakaf Tunai" (The Potentials of Gold Dinar in Cash Waqf). In the meantime Associate Professor Dr. Abdul Aziz Hussin (from the School of Housing, Building and Planning, USM) has written on "Pelancong dan Pelancongan Islam" (Islamic Tourists and Tourism) .
The other three books -  all by RISDEV students.
RISDEV (ISDEV Postgraduate by Research) students including Noor Aini Mohd Salleh has written on "Citra Institusi Islam di Malaysia: Tanggapan dan Kefahaman" (The Image of Islamic Institutions in Malaysia: Impression and Understanding). Mohd Syahmir Alias writes on "Ibn Al-Haytham: Pelopor Konsep Penyelidikan Saintifik" (Ibn Haytham: Pioneer of the Scientific Research Concept) while the book on "Pembangunan Insan Berteraskan Islam" (Islamic-based Human Development) is the title of the book written by Abang Mohd. Razif Abang Muis.

To those who are keen to get a copy of at least any one of these books or require further details regarding these books, do visit  http://isdev.usm.my/index.php/book-list or kindly contact Ms. Khairun Adawiyah at  (+6  04 - 653 5812) to place your order.

Below, is the full list of ISDEV-DBP books publications in 2015 for your reference:
  1. Pengurusan Kualiti Makanan Halal - Norazilawati Md. Dahlal
  2. Kepimpinan dan Kepatuhan dalam Pengurusan Insaniah Berdasarkan Sirah Nabawiyyah -Che Nurmahirah Che Ghaffar
  3. Wakaf Tunai: Sejarah, Amalan dan Cabaran Masa Kini- Razali Othman
  4. Pengurusan Insan Berteraskan Islam- Lenny Luat
  5. Institusi Islam di Malaysia: Misi dan Visi - Farah Farhana Johari
  6. Pembangunan Insan Berteraskan Islam- Abang Mohd. Razif Abang Muis
  7. Ibn. Haytham: Pelopor Konsep Penyelidikan Saintifik - Mohd Syahmir Alias
  8. Citra Institusi Islam di Malaysia: Tanggapan dan Kefahaman- Noor Aini Mohd Salleh
  9. Potensi Dinar Emas dalam Wakaf Tunai- Surita Hartini Mat Hassan
  10. Pengurusan Organisasi dari Perspektif Islam- Ab.Aziz Yusof
  11. Pelancong dan Pelancongan Islam - Abdul Aziz Hussin
  12. Potensi Wakaf Pendidikan Tinggi di Malaysia - Ahmad Shaifful Anuar Ahmad Shukor
  13. Amalan Hisbah di Malaysia - Azrin Ibrahim
  14. Penilaian Prestasi dari Perspektif Islam - Ab. Aziz Yusof
  15. Pemikiran Politik Islam: Perbandingan antara Pemikiran Burhanuddin al-Helmi dengan Muhammad Natsir - Dr. Mohamad Muzammil Mohamad Noor (in progress)

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