Saturday, July 11, 2015


The close knit collaboration between ISDEV and Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka (DBP) is still continuing with the recent publication of five new books written by ISDEV members.

These books are written by 3 RISDEV (ISDEV Postgraduate by Research) students, Farah Farhana Johari, Lenny Luat and Ahmad Shaifful Anuar Ahmad Shukor. Meanwhile, another two books are written by ISDEV Alumni member, Associate Professor Dr. Ab Aziz Yusof who graduated last April 2015.
The book covers for books written by Farah Farhana and Ahmad Shaifful Anuar.
Farah Farhana's book is on ‘Institusi Islam di Malaysia Visi dan Misi’ (Islamic Institutions in Malaysia: Vision and Mission) while Lenny Luat’s book is on ‘Pengurusan Insan Berteraskan Islam’ (Islamic-based Human Management). One special feature of this book is that it is written by a Non-Muslim student, who had successfully proven that she managed to learn, understand, and embarked on in-depth research pertaining to human management from the Islamic aspects. The end results of this earnest endeavour is the publication of her maiden book.

This proves that ISDEV has an open policy of providing opportunity and space to whoever is interested in learning about Islam regardless of a person's religious status, race or sociological level as Islamic teachings are characteristically universal.

In the meantime, ‘Potensi Wakaf Pendidikan Tinggi di Malaysia’ (The Potentials of Higher Education Waqf in Malaysia) is the title of the book written by Ahmad Shaifful Anuar Ahmad Shukor.
Lenny Luat's book cover.
Associate Professor Dr. Ab Aziz Yusof authored two books related to organization management. His two books are on ‘Penilaian Prestasi dari Perspektif Islam’ (Performance Evaluation from Islamic Perspective) and 'Pengurusan Organisasi dari Perspektif Islam’ (Organizational Management from Islamic Perspective). 
Two books dedicated to aspects of Management from the Islamic perspective by the same author -
Assoc. Prof. Ab. Aziz Yusof.
With this display of ability, hard work and keeping diligently within the time frame prescribed, ISDEV is confident of producing more scholarly books. In fact, in the pipeline is another set of seven new books by other ISDEV members scheduled to be published in the very near future.

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