Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Dr Muhammad Tahir giving his Tazkirah
13 March - "Bersyukur"- means to express our gratitude to Allah SWT for all the blessings - covering all aspects and circumstances in life - conferred upon us. As a servant of Allah SWT of this earth, we should be grateful with what we have. This topic was discussed during the Tazkirah session by Dr. Muhammad Tahir. The main focus of this discussion was on how to express our grateful attitude via our daily routine.

According to him, being grateful can be divided into two categories which are physical and spiritual. Physical gratitude is tangible and can be seen by the eyes while spiritual gratitude is intangible. It is done through the heart, mind, and desires.

After the Tazkirah session, Ustaz Shukri Hanapi pursued the discussion on beautifying the deeds of the heart by way of the cleansing of  physical bodily parts. The focus for this week was on the eyes.

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