Friday, July 27, 2012


17 May - Three ISDEV PhD candidates, Marlina Ekawati presented her PhD thesis while Kasyful Mahali and Irfan presented their PhD proposals  in front of more than 50 attendees consisting of ISDEV Director and Deputy Director, lecturers as well as students at the Conference Hall, C06, School of Social Sciences.

First candidate, Marlina Ekawati presented on "Pengurusan Zakat di Kota Malang, Indonesia: Analisis daripada Perspektif Muzakki dan Institusi Zakat". She is currently a student under the supervision of Dr. Zahri Hamat while Dr. Fadzila Azni Ahmad acted as her co-supervisor.

Dr.Hasanah Abd Khafidz evaluated Marlina's PhD thesis and gave her views and comments on how it could further be improved.

Marlina Ekawti presenting her PhD Thesis

Dr. Hasanah taking a break after commenting on Marlina's PhD Thesis
The second candidate was Kasyful Mahali with his PhD proposal on "Perancangan Pembangunan Kota Medan: Satu Kajian dari Perspektif Pembangunan Berteraskan Islam". Dr. Zahri Hamat evaluated his PhD proposal. Kasyful is currently a student under the supervision of Professor Muhammad Syukri Salleh and his co-supervisor, Dr.Fadzila Azni Ahmad.

A confident Kasyful presenting his PhD proposal
 Dr Zakaria giving his suggestions in the presence of ISDEV members
Dr. Zaini Abu Bakar took his turn to evaluate and gave comments for the last candidate, Irfan. He presented his proposal thesis on the title "Perakaunan Zakat Perniagaan : Kajian Kes di Baitulmal Acheh, Indonesia". He is a student under the supervision of Dr.Zahri Hamat while Dr.Fadzila Azni is his co- supervisor.

Irfan seriously putting his point across while presenting his PhD proposal

A tense and serious moment - Dr Zaini with his comments on Irfan's PhD proposal
Professor Muhammad Syukri Salleh as the chairman for the day finally announced that Marlina's PhD Thesis and Kasyful and Irfan PhD proposals were accepted. Marlina had been given the mandate to submit her PhD thesis while the Kasyful and Irfan both received the endorsement to proceed further to the next level.

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