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2 Dec-
The opportunity of visiting Bandung, Indonesia with 3 other ISDEV lecturers recently has given the opportunity for Ustaz Shukri Hanapi to share a- 1001- story with ISDEV members. This was exactly what he did when given the opportunity to deliver Tazkirah during ISDEV Monthly Supervision for the month of December at the Conference Room C06, School of Social Sciences. Ustaz Shukri took this opportunity wisely to share their amazing experiences in Bandung in front of 70 attendees consisting of lecturers and students.

According to him, there was definitely lots of experience that could be used as lessons in our daily lives. However one lesson which left an indelible mark in the hearts of the delegates to Bandung was on the "Darul Tauhid Lesson" (Pengajaran Darul Tauhid). What was done by the people of Darul Tauhid ought to be considered as a noble example because they were not informed in advance. Although there was no planning in advance to accept and greet the entourage yet the people from Darul Tauhid gave their best to give the best service to ISDEV members without feeling burdensome although all the preparations were done at the 11th hour.

Succeeding the Tazkirah, the supervision this time was made even more special by the presence of four undergraduate students from Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia as ISDEV guests. The aim of their presence was to meet and interview ISDEV Director Professor Muhammad Syukri Salleh on Islamic-based development in Malaysia for their course requirement. A simple and brief ta'aruf (introductory) session was done to welcome their presence. Although their presence was known at the very last minute, yet all ISDEV members strove to provide the best service to them during their stay at ISDEV.

Front row: Three of the four UKM students

Thereafter ISDEV Director, Professor Muhammad Syukri Salleh led the second part of the supervision by raising questions to each ISDEV student on the progress of their thesis writing. Each of students were given the chance to ask various questions concerning their thesis and areas of research.

At the end of the Progress Report Session, Professor Syukri continued with his lecture and presentation on Literature Review. Although the lecture was brief yet the hour was well spent. ISDEV Director was detailed on the concept and constituents of a good Literature Review. it is hoped that ISDEV students did get a better understanding and are able to properly apply what was shared by Professor Syukri in their thesis writing especially for their research on the part consisting of the review of current researches and literature's.

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