Wednesday, November 10, 2010


ISDEV Director delivering his Monthly Director's Tarbiyyah

29 September, 2010 was a Tuesday afternoon. As usual ISDEV held its Tuesdays meet at the newly refurbished Conference Room of the School of Social Science (C06) at 3pm. That afternoon was slotted for the monthly “Tarbiyah Pengarah ISDEV”. The meet started off with ISDEV Director, Professor Dr. Muhammad Syukri Salleh, reminding ISDEV members on the importance of developing an Islamic Fraternity and thus use ISDEV as the platform to strive for excellence in the name of Islam.

Prof. Syukri then mentioned that each distinct group has its own subculture. ISDEV too has its own subculture. Thus to develop a subculture which corresponds to Islamic tenets, the subculture must be based on Al-Quran and As-Sunnah. He further mentioned that 4 things need to be ascertained to develop this subculture. The first of which is the “Budaya Ketuhanan” (The Godliness Culture).

The Godliness Culture, which should inherently be present among all Muslim, means that ISDEV members were encouraged to constantly be mindful and alert of his hablumin Allah (relationship with Allah swt) and hablum min al-nas (relationship with other creatures especially one’s parents and teachers). In addition members were reminded to use the resources that Allah swt has promised mankind in order to attain success. Members were also encouraged to constantly strive (ikhtiar) and surrender to Allah’s will (tawakkal).

To sum it up, Prof, Syukri reminded ISDEV members to:

1) be truly obedient to Allah swt;
2) do the best for one’s parents;
3) do the best for one’s teachers;
4) do the best among your friends,
5) be generous and big-hearted,
6) practice husnu al-dzan (positive assumptions at all times), and
7) supplicate (doa) to Allah swt more.

Amongst the ISDEV fratenity

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