Monday, October 16, 2017


A photo session of Dr Azreen Hamiza Abdul Aziz and Dr Murni Yusoff in front of Hall entrance at PWTC
From 19 to 20 September, delegates from ISDEV, Dr Murni Yusoff and Dr Azreen Hamiza Abdul Aziz went to Muslim World Biz Exhibition and Conference 2017 that was held at Putra Word Trade Centre, Kuala Lumpur. The conference was organized by OIC International Business Centre and divided into several themes such as OIC-Asia-Africa Trade & Economic Forum, World Islamic Tourism Conference & Expo, Round Table Talk on The Jewels of Muslim World, Women’s Summit, OIC Higher Education Fair, and Summit of Science & Technology Development in Islamic Countries.

On 19 and 20 September 2017, Dr Murni Yusoff participated in OIC-Asia-Africa Trade & Economic Forum that was held in Tun Dr Ismail Hall B, in Putra World Trade Centre, Kuala Lumpur. The forum was organized to provide platform for businesses in various sectors to tap the opportunities and information about Asian and African markets. The two-days forum were filled with topics related to potential of trade and investment in OIC Countries, branding and marketing trend in Muslim countries. The forum was participated by various business organizations such as apparel, food and beverages, consultation services, legal firms and also from education institutions. Dr Murni also had the opportunities to meet Madam Nor Rofeah Abdullah Sani, the lecturer from Faculty of Creative Multimedia in Multimedia University, Mr Awaluddin Abdul Rahman and his wife Madam Rosemawati Khalid, the Founder of Wall & Fleet Consulting, Miss Nadra Fatima Mannan, the lawyer from Tetuan Kamilia Ibrahim & Co., Madam Nadhirah Nawawi, the Executive Manager from NN One Supplies & Service, Madam Zehan, the Manager from Eva Safiyyah Resources, and Mr Zulfadli Roslee, the Managing Director from MZR Accenture Enterprise.
From right to left: Dr Murni, Dr Azreen Hamiza & Madam Zehan, Mr Awaluddin Abdul Rahman, Madam Rosemawati Khalid & Dr Murni, Dr Murni & Ms Nadra Fatima Mannan

Among the topics of presentation held at OIC-Asia-Africa Trade Forum
Whereas on 20th September 2017, Dr. Azreen Hamiza Abdul Aziz participated in the World Islamic Tourism Conference & Expo (WiTX2017) that was held in Tun Dr Ismail Hall A, in Putra World Trade Centre, Kuala Lumpur. The conference was organized to presents insight and solutions and brings together tourism leaders, innovators, investors and stakeholders who all share one common aim of understanding and driving the Islamic-friendly travel industry. The conference was divided into two main sessions. The first session is on shifting to Halal tourism accommodation on Muslim Friendly Amenities whereas the second session focus on Enhancing the tourism airport service quality. Dr Azreen Hamiza managed to extend the networking with Madam Karima Bihaki, Founder & CEO of, United Kingdom, Mr. Riyanto Sofyan, Chairman of Sofyan Hotels, Indonesia, Madam Chahira Ait Belkacem, General Manager, Green Heaven, France, Dr. Aam Bastaman from Universitas Trilogi, Indonesia and Hj Fahmy Mubarak, CEO Gateway Global Marketing.

Dr. Azreen with the speakers and participants of the WiTX2017
Indeed, the 2 days activities in the Muslim World Biz Exhibition and Conference 2017 has beneficial and mending a closer networking between ISDEV, USM and the industries. Looking forward for another ISDEV delegates journey in the future. Congratulations Dr. Murni & Dr. Azreen!

The panel speaker and some of the topics that presented in the two sessions of WiTX2017

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