Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Tarbiyah Pengarah on Excellent Work Culture

Associate Professor Dr Zakaria is very passionate in delivering his Tarbiyah

On 19 May 2017, Associate Professor Dr Zakaria Bahari as the ISDEV Director delivered his Tarbiyah titled 'Excellent work culture' in the monthly series of Tarbiyah Pengarah. The programme was held at DKA, Universiti Sains Malaysia and was attended by lecturers, supporting staff and postgraduate students of ISDEV. The Exchange student from Universitas  Airlangga, Indonesia also had the opportunity to listen to the advice and guidance of the Director ISDEV in the program.

According to Associate Professor Dr Zakaria, a good culture can only happen through a good source. However, a good source would not be a good culture unless it is well used. In his speech, he stressed that ISDEV members including lecturers, supporting staff and students to follow the Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad SAW in carrying out tasks within the scope of their work. He affirmed that the excellent culture could not be achieved without maximum effort.

Associate Professor Dr Zakaria urged the ISDEV members  to follow the way of Prophet Muhammad SAW. Through this steps, the ISDEV members are not only able to achieve the goals in Key Performance Index (KPI)  set by university, but also able to obtain intangible success. In implementing the way of the Prophet Muhammad SAW, the focus should be on akhlak, actions, speech and behavior of every ISDEV members. He stressed that the bonds of affection between ISDEV fratenity will produce a harmonious working environment and excellent work culture based on unity and team work. Both of these aspects are very important if the working goal is to seek the pleasure of Allah. To achieve that goal, Associate Professor Dr Zakaria outlined four important aspects to be embedded in every ISDEV members:
1. The correct intention - to convey the essence of truth, justice, success and peace of mind
2. Establish a working culture - perseverance and skill, feeling pleased with Him
3. The principle of in teamwork -Orientation organization, Shura, the balance and the right attitude to work
4. Basis of cultural excellent work culture from Islamic perspective- rights and responsibility
Besides, he also outlined a strategy to achieve excellent work culture among ISDEV members:
1. Understanding, respect and solidarity
2. Consistency beliefs and practices to establish trust and partnership organization
3. Recognizes the right to contribute to responsible and appreciate the efforts of others
4. Identify the roles and duties as contractual relations in order to reduce those opportunists.
Most importantly, this time Tarbiyah Pengarah that emphasized on the excellent work culture in ISDEV is fulfilled with brotherhood and consistency so that eventually could lead to the pleasure of Allah.

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