Tuesday, April 25, 2017


Ukhuwah Asas Kekuatan ISDEV - The tittle for this monthly supervision Director's Tarbiyyah chosen by Associate Professor Dr. Zakaria Bahari
The ISDEV Director's Tarbiyyah was held on 31st March 2017 at Lecture Hall A (DKA), School of Social Sciences, Universiti Sains Malaysia. It is the usual gathering of ISDEV fraternity to meet once a month for the ISDEV monthly supervision. More than 50 ISDEV members consisting of ISDEV lecturers and students attended this monthly gathering.

Ukhuwah Asas Kekuatan ISDEV (Ukhuwah is the core to ISDEV strength) was the topic chosen by ISDEV Director, Associate Professor Dr. Zakaria Bahari for his second Director's Tarbiyyah. The simple yet meaningful topic was delivered to ISDEV fraternity that passionately pinpoints all the positive values that should be possessed by ISDEV member in order to seek the pleasure of Allah SWT.
ISDEV member focusing on the Tarbiyyah Pengarah delivered by Associate Dr. Zakaria Bahari
For this particular tarbiyyah, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Zakaria stressed the importance of ‘ukhuwah’ (brotherhood) as one of the elements to succeed for the Muslims. In supporting his points, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Zakaria presented various definition and explained in detail the meaning of ukhuwah.

One of the slide of Ukhwah topic

Some of the important points from the tarbiyyah that should be possessed by ISDEV members as characteristics are:
1. Tauhid (Solely depends to Allah SWT)
2. Knowledgeable
3. Trustworthy
4. Responsible
5. Sincere
6. Obedience to the leader
7. Welfare of the family
8. Ukhuwah/ Silaturrahim
9. Patient

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