Tuesday, April 11, 2017


ISDEV entourage with Penang Mufti, Dato' Dr. Haji Wan Salim Wan Mohd Noor (centre) and Dr. Mat Rofa Ismail
On Monday, 20th Mac 2017, Penang Mufti Department invited ISDEV to join their Module 1 on Astronomy Tafaqquh (Tafaqquh Ilmu Falak) that was held at Dewan Auditorium A, 5th Floor, Komtar, Penang. This program was divided into 4 series which included 2 modules in it. The first module was focusing on Tafsir Ayat Kauniyah and Daurah Kitab Falak. The program was conducted by YBhg. Dr. Mat Rofa Ismail who were also the guest speaker for the program. He delivered his talk on Sejarah Pengembangan Ilmu Falak di Nusantara.

After the tea break that morning, YBhg. Dr. Mat Rofa Ismail led a program with three subtopic concentration. The first subtopic is on Falak Islami while the second subtopic is on Falak Ulama Melayu. The third and the final focus is on Alam Kosmos. The conclusion achieved from the focus discussion on the subtopics shows that the early activity of astronomy in Baghdad was to measure the radius of the earth. As for now, the knowledge about astronomy has developed into a modern science which needed all Muslim scholar concord either in ilm (knowledge) of quantum physics, astrophysics, trigonometry or others.

YBhg. Dr, Mat Rofa Ismail explaining on the four seasons occurrence
The program also included a book launched written by YBhg. Dr. Mat Rofa Ismail entitle Biografi Agung Sheikh Ahmad Al-Khatib Al-Minankabawi. The book launched is transpired from the world Islamic leader, Sheikh Ahmad Al-Khatib especially on his knowledge of the modern sciences of astronomy and economy. 

Participants of the Tafaqquh Ilmu Falak 2017 
The participants for the program were from Kedah Mufti Department, Perlis Mufti Department, Perak Mufti Department, Akademi Pengajian Islam Kontemporari (ACIS), Pusat Islam Universiti Utara Malaysia, Muzium & Galeri Tunku Fauziah Univeristi Sains Malaysia and Centre for Islamic Development Management Studies (ISDEV) Universiti Sains Malaysia. ISDEV representatives was led by Dr. Shahir Akram Hassan with three ISDEV students, Nur Aida Athirah, Siti Arinah and Mohd Hulaimi together with an ISDEV alumni, Dr. Mohd Syahmir  Alias participated in the one-day program that provided so much information and understanding on astronomy. We are looking forward for the second module soon.

Dato' Dr. Haji Wan Salim Wan Mohd Noor, Penang Mufti received a token of appreciation from Dr. Mat Rofa Ismail

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