Tuesday, February 14, 2017


Group photo of ISDEV lecturers with ISDEV new and existing students.
For the second time ISDEV accepted a second batch of intake for its Master in Social Science (Islamic Development Management) programme. A positive indication that this three semesters' mixed-mode course work programme is well known and well received. Thus, ISDEV welcomes the new batch of students on 7 February 2017 at Lecture Hall A (DKA), School of Social Sciences, Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM). 11 new students were accepted to pursue their Masters (Mixed-Mode) for the academic year 2016/2017 Semester II. In continuation of ISDEV tradition, this new batch of students is collectively known as MISDEV16.2.

A successful welcome ceremony for MISDEV 16.2 students was conducted by ABI. Eleven students had successfully registered for this semester. As an introduction to ISDEV traditions, the ceremony started with the recitation of the 99 Names of Allah SWT (Asma ul Husna). This welcome ceremony is intended as the platform for new students to get to know better about ISDEV lecturers, administrative staff, and USM itself.

ISDEV Director, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Zakaria delivering his mandate to MISDEV16.2 students.
Associate Professor Dr. Zakaria Bahari in his welcoming speech to the new students advised MISDEV16.2 to start with the right intention by being more committed to their studies and at the same time to remember at all times the sacrifices made by their parents in supporting their studies. He also added that, it is a MUST to have parents' blessings in order to succeed in dunia and akhirat.

One of the parents of MISDEV16.2 student asking a question regarding the procedure for the payment of fees.
Haji Osman, father to Rabiatul Adawiyah, one of MISDEV16.2 students, participated in the question and answer session. As a parent, he agreed with Assoc. Prof. Dr. Zakaria's speech pertaining to one of the responsibilities of a child, be it a daughter or a son, which is to make her or his parents proud, is to succeed excellently in their studies. Besides that, he also agreed with Dr. Zakaria's statement that the learning process is a continuing process that only ends with the advent of death and with the right ilm (knowledge) coupled with the proper attitude, it can save people from hell in the hereafter.

Assoc. Prof Dr. Zakaria introducing all ISDEV lectures and administrative staff.
In the Ta'aruf Session (or Orientation Programme) for MISDEV16.2 Assoc. Prof. Dr. Zakaria gave a brief general overview of the structure of ISDEV, the courses to be attended to by MISDEV16.2 students, introduced ISDEV lecturers and administrative staff as well as the manners and conduct that should be adhered to whilst studying at ISDEV.

MISDEV16.2 students Ahlan Wa Sahlan to ISDEV family!

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