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The ISDEV Education Waqf poster.
Wakaf Pendidikan ISDEV (ISDEV Education Waqf) was launched in 2015. As part of the endeavour to share with the USM fraternity to be an integral part of the benevolent act on a regular basis (istiqamah) as highly recommended in Islam, through Waqf, a special task force, the Waqf ISDEV Team was set up. One of the main objectives of the Waqf ISDEV team was to conduct a road tour to all Schools and Centres within USM to enlighten all staff of USM on the existence of Wakaf Pendidikan ISDEV (Waqf ISDEV) as well as to encourage and remind them to reap the benefits of contributing to waqf as the rewards of waqf spans not only in this life but continues until the Hereafter. For the year 2016, four Waqf ISDEV Road Tour were successfully completed with a very promising outcome. Alhamdulillah.
Waqf ISDEV team at the School of Management.
Waqf ISDEV team at the School of Social Sciences.
The first trip of the Waqf ISDEV Road Tour 2016 started with the School of Management and School of Social Sciences. It was done on 20 May 2016. This tour aims to educate and inform USM staff of what Waqf ISDEV is all about and the purpose of its launch. Waqf ISDEV is an endowment scheme operated by the Centre for Islamic Development Management Studies (ISDEV) while the fund is under the direct purview of USM Foundation under its endowment fund branch. The concept of this Waqf ISDEV is based on Mutasyarak (Waqf group) as managed by MAINPP.
ISDEV Waqf team at the Graduate School of Business
Waqf ISDEV team at the School of Communication.
The second trip of the Waqf tour was at the Graduate School of Business and School of Communication which took place on 24 May 2017. The purpose of collecting Waqf fund is to utilize the fund fully for the welfare of Islam and the distribution of its revenue or usufruct (Manfaat) will be used for ISDEV research, in addition to utilizing the fund for Muslims through social assistance, education, natural disasters, health, human capital development and so on. They are two ways in collecting the Waqf ISDEV fund. The first is through the purchase of Waqf ISDEV Coupons (in the denominations of RM5. RM10 and RM50 per piece). The second is through monthly salary deductions of USM staff who had voluntarily opted to be included in this scheme.
Waqf ISDEV Coupons
Waqf ISDEV team at the School of Art.
The third Waqf tour was at the School of Art which was on 27 May 2016. Based on the Waqf tour conducted, 61 USM staff had voluntarily opted to join in the monthly deduction salary scheme to contribute regularly towards Waqf ISDEV. Within the first three months, just from this salary deductions, the collection stood at RM 3,980.00.
Waqf ISDEV team at the School of Mathematical Sciences
The last Waqf tour in the year 2016 was at the School of Mathematical Sciences which was on 7 July 2016. As of 7 July, 2016 based on the two methods of collection for Waqf ISDEV,  the collection stood at RM 70,675.00. Alhamdulillah, as of 16 February, 2017 the Waqf ISDEV collection figure has increased to RM 87,505.00.

 For further information on Waqf ISDEV, you can directly contact:

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Zakaria Bahari                                 Mrs. Nurul Farhana Che Hasan
ISDEV Director                                                          ISDEV Social Research Officer
04- 653 2656/3422                                                   04- 653 2799

Thank you dear participants of Waqf ISDEV! May Allah SWT reward your generosity in this world as well as in the Hereafter. Aamiin.

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