Monday, January 16, 2017


Group Photo of ISDEV lecturers with MISDEV 15.1 students.
On 30th December 2016, 35 MISDEV15.1 (ISDEV Postgraduate by Mixed-Mode) students who will complete their Master of Social Science (Islamic Development Management) in February 2017 were honoured in a simple yet meaningful ceremony called “Majlis Restu Ilmu” (Knowledge Blessing Ceremony). The event which lasted for two hours started at 9.00 am was attended by ISDEV Director Associate Professor Dr. Zakaria Bahari, ISDEV Deputy Director Dr. Fadzila Azni Ahmad as well as other ISDEV lecturers.
Students from MISDEV 15.1 line up to seek blessings of the knowledge gained from the lecturers.
The event took place at the Lantai Seni, Kompleks Cahaya, Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM). The first session was the opening remarks from the representative of MISDEV15.1, Ustaz Azizan Sarayon. A simple video specially dedicated for MISDEV15.1 students was also aired to the audience followed by a culmination of the day, namely 'Sesi Merestui Ilmu’ (Knowledge Blessing Session).
The strong bond built between each student and ISDEV lecturers.
It has become a tradition in ISDEV that the significance of such programme is to enable ISDEV lecturers to bestow their blessings to all MISDEV15.1 students on the knowledge that has been shared and imparted to the students who have just completed their studies. It was indeed an emotional-filled session. However, on the face of each student was a glimpse of glowing contentment - a happiness that contains hundreds of fond memories. The ceremony ended with a group photo session.

Goodluck in the future for MISDEV15.1 students.

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