Tuesday, January 3, 2017


As of 1 January, 2017 Associate Professor Dr Zakaria is ISDEV Director.
It is now 2017. The first day of 2017 marks the first day that Associate Professor Dr Zakaria Bahari assumes the role of Director for the Centre for Islamic Development Management Studies (ISDEV), Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM). He is the second Director of ISDEV after succeeding from Professor Dr Muhammad Syukri Salleh who had served as ISDEV Director from its inception as a virtual centre under the School of Social Sciences, USM into a full fledged Research Centre of Excellence in 2013. Assoc. Prof. Dr Zakaria's appointment as ISDEV Director is for two years - from 1 January, 2017 until 31 December, 2018.
ISDEV founding Director, Prof Syukri (right) with the new ISDEV Director,  Assoc. Prof. Dr Zakaria (left). 
Assoc. Prof. Dr Zakaria is confident that with the commitment and love for Islam and ISDEV, he is able to lead ISDEV to greater heights provided that each and every ISDEV member not only plays their part well but at the same time works as a team in the spirit of ukhuwwah (Islamic brotherhood) at all times. Following the footsteps of Prof Syukri, he reiterated the three basic pillars that had allowed ISDEV to be positioned to where it is now. First is Iman and Taqwa (Faith and Piety). Second is ukhuwwah (Islamic brotherhood). Third is Synchronization of Thoughts and Actions. He stressed the importance of these three pillars as he acknowledged that although the leadership baton has now been handed to him, these basic pillars remain astutely firm as the guiding principles in managing and leading ISDEV to be the Regional Reference Centre by 2020. In addition, Assoc. Prof Zakaria welcomes the presence of Prof Syurki, as the founding Director of ISDEV, who would still be at ISDEV until 31 July, 2017 to advise and guide him in his role as the new Director of ISDEV.

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