Tuesday, September 6, 2016


Group photo of ISDEV and  KUIS - A memento picture as the sign of official networking
Centre for Islamic Development Management Studies (ISDEV), Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) was recently honoured with the visit from the Research Management Centre (RMC), International Islamic University College Selangor or best known as Kolej Universiti Islam Antarabangsa Selangor (KUIS). KUIS representative paid an honourary visit to ISDEV on 23 August 2016 at the new ISDEV meeting room in D04, USM.

Focusing on the details explained by Prof. Dr. Muhammad Syukri Salleh at the New ISDEV meeting room, D04
The four members of RMC KUIS entourage was led Dr. Mohd Farid Ravi Abdullah, The Director of RMC KUIS , Encik Ahmad Yani, Puan Azimah Mohd Masri and Puan Siti Nor Ahmad while ISDEV team was lead by ISDEV Director, Prof. Dr. Muhammad Syukri Salleh.

The visit is part of the networking and potential collaboration between ISDEV-KUIS in order to share the knowledge and research idea as well as strengthening the ukhuwah between the two research centre. The visit also is one of the efforts in producing more world class research between the two institutions in providing solution as well as guidelines on the best practice in any field of studies.

Taking a short break after discussion for an informal gathering

A formal discussion as well as an in-depth explanation on ISDEV and the various Islamic Development Management research scopes which included the past and on-going research that ISDEV is embarked in as well as ISDEV plans for the future were also explained by Prof. Dr. Muhammad Syukri Salleh who chaired the meeting. An open dialogue-session took place among RMC KUIS entourage and ISDEV lecturers before the end of the visit.

A token of appreciation from ISDEv to KUIS presented by Prof. Dr. Muhammad Syukri Salleh to Dr. Mohd Farid Ravi Abdullah
Hopefully, from this networking, ISDEV and KUIS would further the relationship by exploring and grasping on the specific research field that could promote the research culture as well as signifies the close rapport between the two institutions.

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