Tuesday, June 14, 2016


A very humble and down-to-earth TV personality, PU Taha (left). 
Every Tuesday afternoon, ISDEV fraternity will gather for a class known as "Tuesdays Teachings" in which is slotted a tazkirah (short reminders) session followed by a lecture session. On 7 June, 2016 which coincided with the second day of Ramadhan, ISDEV welcomed PU Taha to touch the hearts of ISDEV members to share the reminders on Ramadhan Kareem. Besides being a popular TV personality, PU Taha is also a RISDEV (ISDEV Postgraduate by Research) student who is currently pursuing his PhD under the supervision of ISDEV Director, Professor Dr. Muhammad Syukri Salleh. 

In the overwhelmingly packed meeting room of C05, Tuesdays Teachings for that day was chaired by Dr. Mohd Syakir Mohd Rosdi. PU Taha was given the honour to take up the two sessions for that class. He used the opportunity to remind all ISDEV members present that day about fasting that could make one a cautious man - a man of taqwa (piety). He then referred to taqwa as defined and understood by the scholars of Islam. However all discourses and discussions are unanimous in stating that taqwa is essentially a feeling of deep conviction of knowing that Allah SWT sees us every time at all times.

PU Taha said that for man to achieve such a state there is a need to remove barriers (sins) existing within oneself and istighfar (repent). Then, discard those mazmumah (unwanted despicable) traits that are found within oneself such as riak (insolant), ujub (self-conceit), takabbur (egocentric). This requires three main actions. First, a lot of dzikir (remembrance of Allah through verbal chants). Second is reciting al-Quran (with translation as well as with people who can criticize our mistakes in reading) and thirdly is plenty of charity.

After the completion of the Question and Answer session with PU Taha, Tuesdays Teachings was finally closed with important announcements by ISDEV Deputy Director, Dr. Fadzila Azni Ahmad on upcoming ISDEV events such as ISDEV Graduate Discourse, upcoming mock viva and viva voce, Tarbiyyah Pengarah for the month of June as well as the Iftar ISDEV programme.

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