Thursday, June 9, 2016


Examinations have become the level measurement of excellence in academic struggles. Although it is Ramadhan and obligatory fasts are observed by all Muslims all over the world, Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) students have to face the impending SEMESTER-END EXAMINATIONS. Starting this week from 6 June, 2016 until 24 June 2016, all USM students have begun to face the final exams for the Second Semester Academic Session 2015/2016.

ISDEV students MISDEV15.1 and MISDEV15.2 (ISDEV Postgraduate by Mixed-Mode) students are not exempted from this gruelling academic exercise.
MISDEV 15.2 students in rapt concentration while attempting the
Islamic Epistemology and Tasawwur  (SIW505) exam questions.
MISDEV15.1 students registered to be accepted as students of ISDEV in September last year attempted their final exam for this semester. It is the second such examinations for them as they are now in their second semester. However for MISDEV15.2, it signifies their first academic acumen and tenacity in answering the examination questions as they had enrolled in the Master in Social Science (Islamic Development Management) programme only this semester.

ISDEV aims to provide knowledge to make every student outstanding so that in turn these students are poised and ready to glorify Islam at all times, in shaa Allah. Every student enrolled in ISDEV aspires to glorify Islam for the sake of Allah SWT. Their struggles should focus on achieving Mardhatillah (pleasures of Allah SWT).

To all MISDEV15 students, all the very best for your examinations. It is prayed and hoped that all MISDEV15 students will pass with flying colours. Aamiin.

"Oh God! Make useful for us what You have taught us, teach us knowledge that will be useful to us. 
Oh God! We ask you for the understanding of the prophets ,the messengers and those nearest to You. 
Oh God! Make our tongue full of your remembrance and consciousness of my heart with You. 
Oh God! You do whatever you wish, and you are our availer and protector and best of aid. "

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