Thursday, June 30, 2016


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ISDEV Tuesday Teachings invited the founder of the Persatuan Cinta Gaza Malaysia, Nadir al-Nuri to give a lecture on 'Ramadhan Berperisa GAZA' (Ramadhan with Flavourings of GAZA). The programme, managed by ISDEV Associate Members (ABI) and chaired by Ustaz Taha, saw the participation of many ISDEV fraternity, Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) staff and even members of the public. The programme started at 3pm and was held at Dewan Kuliah A, USM.
Nadir al-Nuri (left) addressing the audience as to why Palestine was the country of choice for his studies.
Nadir al- Nuri represented the sole Malaysian who had studied at the Islamic University of Gaza. He was present that day with his wife whom he had recently married on May 27, 2016. His wife is a native Palestinian who is a widow with five children. His mother-in-law as well as his eldest stepson Na'im Ashraf Musytaha were present with throughout the talk.

He started the session with a backdrop as to how he became the sole Malaysian student studying at a university in Gaza. With his parents' blessings, he was able to spend four years of his studies there. Then, he invited his eldest stepson to equally share his experiences and stories of what is life really like for a Palestinian in Gaza.
The stepson - 16 years old Na'im Asyraf Musytaha.
Na'im Asyraf Musytaha shared about the experience of living in Gaza and also about his late father whom he admired and loved so much that all those who were present could sense the emotional bond he had with his martyred father. His father was one of the members of Brigades Izzuddin al-Qassam. The main reason for their roadshow was to instill the feeling of love among Malaysians towards Gaza simultaneously seeking for doa and help of fellow Muslims in Malaysia to aid those who are oppressed by the invaders in Gaza.
A very attentive audience at DKA.
In his speech he mentioned that the people of Palestine who were there at the moment were sacrificing everything they had to defend and liberate Palestine from the hands of the invaders. He asked the audience a few frank but pertinent questions. He asked about how much and how far were they willing to defend Palestine and free her from the crutches of the invaders? How much and how far were they willing to sacrifice for the sake of Palestine and Masjid al-Aqsa? Would they continue to pray or would they continue to brag? Would they continue to be with us - the Palestinians?
ISDEV students eager to know how and in what way they can help further the cause of Persatuan Cinta Gaza Malaysia.
After setting up the Persatuan Cinta Gaza Malaysia, they are on a roadshow to inform and share with Malaysians especially the inside story of how life is like as a Palestinian in Gaza. Besides this their roadshow is intended to collect aid and funds specifically for the Muslims in Gaza who need financial help and prayers as they strongly aspire to liberate Al-Aqsa from the hands of the invaders.
Receiving a token for sharing from ISDEV Senior Lecturer - Dr Mohd Syakir.
Nadir al-Nuri and Na'im Ashraf Musytaha expressed their gratitude to ISDEV and Amal Foundation of Malaysia (Yayasan Amal Malaysia) for giving them the opportunity to come forward and give a lecture as well as turn raise funds for Gaza. Alhamdulillah, with the presence of ISDEV fraternity, USM staff and members of the public, funds for Persatuan Cinta Gaza Malaysia collected almost RM5,000 in less than two hours.
Nadir al-Nuri and his family taking a photo with ISDEV Director, Prof Syukri Salleh (2nd from right),
ISDEV lecturers and staff. 
After the question and answer session and a photo taking session with ISDEV lecturers and staff, the programme came to a close at about 5 pm. ISDEV was very grateful to the presence of its lecturers, students, staff as well USM staff and members of the public in donating funds for Gaza. For those who want to continue to contribute to Persatuan Cinta Gaza Malaysia, you can bank into their MAYBANK Account 5648 1050 7826.

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