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ISDEV Monthly Tarbiyyah Pengarah (Director’s Tarbiyyah) for the month of April took place on Friday, 29 April 2016 at University Conference Hall, Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM). The programme started at 9 a.m. with Dr. Mohd Shukri Hanapi serving as Chairperson throughout the entire programme. 
Introducing the topic for this month's Tarbiyyah Pengarah.

For this month, Prof. Syukri chose a topic on “Daripada Pelayan Fikiran kepada Penyambung Perjuangan” (From Entertainer of Thoughts to Harbingers of Islam). Prof. Syukri addressed ISDEV members on how to continue to strive for Islam even though there will come a time to bid farewell to ISDEV, yet the perseverance to continue with ISDEV ideas and thoughts remains. 

According to him, ISDEV can be symbolized as a new, innovative and creative thinking factory. Just look at the various fields of research carried out by the students. Although there may have been similar studies embarked upon, nonetheless the researches carried out at ISDEV endeavours to do something different with views from differing perspectives. Hence the ability to produce creative and up-to date researches. In fact, these ideas have also been recognised to be a notch above the rest in view that many of ISDEV students obtain the 'Scale of 1' (The highest grade in viva voce) in their viva voce as well as receiving awards for excellence in writing their theses.
Prof Syukri in his address to ISDEV members on the two important groups.
To be the 'servants of mind' that entertains the thoughts, there are two groups that play a very important role in ISDEV namely the lecturers and students. The lecturers impart knowledge and guide students, while the students gain knowledge and apply them simultaneously continuing to strive to stay true with ISDEV thoughts.

There are ISDEV Alumni members who until now still continue to strive for ISDEV ideas and thoughts such as Muslihah, Azlyn and Atikah who are currently serving as lecturers in Islamic Development Management Programme  at Kolej Universiti Islam Melaka (KUIM), Professor Dr. Ab Aziz Yusoff who is now the Vice-Chancellor of University College Bestari, Setiu Terengganu and many other alumni members who continue with their ISDEV ideas and thoughts that they bring along with them wherever they go.
A newly registered RISDEV student introducing himself.
However, Prof Syukri added that there was no doubt that such alumni members who continue with ISDEV ideas and thoughts were small in numbers and that it was also possible that some of them were in opposition to this idea. However, this is not an obstacle to ISDEV to continue to fight for its ideas because ISDEV is confident that every individual who strives for Islam in ISDEV has been chosen by Allah SWT. ISDEV is positive that not necessarily striving for ISDEV thoughts could only be done openly, but there may be among ISDEV members who strive within the confines of their abilities and powers.
Prof Syukri (3rd from left) with ISDEV members who celebrated their birthdays recently.
The program ended with a surprise made by ABI (ISDEV Associate Members) representatives to celebrate the birthdays of all ISDEV students that fell in the month of January to March, 2016. The gifts were presented by Prof. Syukri himself to the students.

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