Thursday, March 17, 2016


“The Power of Acknowledgement” was the title of the monthly Director's Tarbiyyah delivered by ISDEV Director, Professor Dr. Muhammad Syukri Salleh held on 4 March 2016 at Dewan Kuliah A, Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM). The session was well attended by ISDEV lecturers, staff and students that day.

Prof. Syukri began his Tarbiyyah by reminiscing and sharing his experiences as an Adjunct Professor at the Faculty of Arabic Language and Islamic Civilisation (FBATI), Universiti Islam Sultan Sharif Ali (UNISSA), Brunei Darussalam recently. According to him, this time around he was required to assess the programme offered by FBATI. He felt that as an External Assessor, he was able to carry out all the assigned tasks to him successfully, could in all probability be singled out, due to the power of acknowledgement. Definitely it is only Allah SWT that ordains things to happen. However the people around nonetheless play an important role in ensuring the successful completion of the task at hand.
Prof. Syukri was all smiles as he is grateful for the accomplished tasks as the External Assessor of FBATI, UNISSA.
For example, in his efforts to examine the History and Islamic Civilisation programme under FBATI that was less well received among students, he did not just take the simple and direct approach of meeting the dean and the top management of FBATI, but also took the initiative to hold a meeting with each and every academic staff personally as well as conduct group discussions to listen to the feedbacks, problems and challenges faced by the faculty members. By doing this, the FBATI members regardless of grade and status felt that their views and comments were appreciated as their opinions were taken into account in the process of evaluating the programme. When appreciation was felt, any efforts made and tasks carried out became much easier to achieve.
A farewell photo taken during after the breakfast sponsored by YM Pehin as a token of appreciation
to Prof's efforts throughout his stay in Brunei. 
In addition, Prof Syukri was also deeply touched by the hospitality extended by UNISSA to him and especially by ISDEV Advisory Council, Yang Mulia Pehin Orang Kaya Lela Raja Dato Seri Laila Jasa Hj Awang Abdul Rahman Hj Abdul Karim who sponsored his accommodation and meals throughout his stay in Brunei Darussalam. According to Prof Syukri, such hospitable attitude should be exemplified by ISDEV members as the esteemed members of UNISSA knew and appreciated whoever wanted to help them and fight for Islam, they no longer thought about the impending challenges. In fact they did their best to ensure that Prof Syukri's tasks were successfully completed and objectives accomplished. They truly appreciated each and every human endeavour that strives to glorify Islam.
Some of ISDEV brothers at Dewan Kuliah A attending the Director's Tarbiyyah.
Similarly in ISDEV. Mutual respect and appreciating one another at each and every level is applicable too.There is no need for egocentric propensities to simply say thank you to those who have given a helping hand in easing one's affairs. This means it is not necessary that only students thank the lecturers, but likewise lecturers can also express their thanks to students without feeling degraded or loss of their dignity and ego when the students have helped them in any matter. The same applies to the administrative staff of ISDEV. There is not a need to celebrate luxuriously to show appreciation. It suffices to just be grateful and appreciate them for each of their tasks even though what they are doing is just a small thing. However if these simple acts of helping a hand are for the common good as well as help to ease our affairs, words of gratitude such as a simple "Thank You" should be expressed to them. If such work ethos are followed by all ISDEV members, definitely ISDEV administrative staff will be much happier to work thus simultaneously producing quality work that is of benefit to ISDEV and Islam.
A RISDEV student seeks to clarify further during the Question and Answer session. 
That’s how the “Power of Acknowledgement” plays and it is of importance in our lives. If we appreciate the people who have helped us, definitely all our matters can be easily accomplished because there is no hesitation for people around us to offer their help to us. At the same time, they also feel contented that their efforts and their work are appreciated. The Director's Tarbiyyah ended with a Question & Answer session that day.  

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