Friday, March 25, 2016


Related to the previous announcement on the Workshop Antarbangsa Pembangunan Berteraskan Islam ke - 9 (WAPI-9) and The 8th International Conference on Islamic Development (ICID-8) Medan, Indonesia, which is scheduled to be held on 8-12 May 2016, kindly be informed that all participants including lecturers are required to fill in the form Borang Kelulusan Timbalan Naib Canselor (TNC) ke Luar Negara as well as to complete the information needed for the WAPI-9 database. The form and the WAPI-9 database can be downloaded as attached in the link below:

WAPI-9 Database:

The completed form of Borang Kelulusan TNC ke Luar Negara have to be submitted to ISDEV General Office no later than 1 April 2016 in the box provided by the Secretariat of WAPI-9.

Meanwhile for the WAPI-9 Database, all participants (both students and lecturers) are requested to complete all the information needed in the database to facilitate matters related to WAPI-9. All information provided is strictly confidential and is to be used solely for the purpose of WAPI-9.

For further details participants may refer to Dr. Azrin Ibrahim (Chairman WAPI-9, ext: 4606) or Mohd Syahmi Mohd Miswan (RISDEV student, +60136343694).

Please also take note that the date of submission of the full paper is on 15 April 2016 (Friday) and the completed approved paper is to be sent by email to

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