Tuesday, January 5, 2016


Mohd Syahmir winning the Best Student Award in the
Mixed-Mode category in the Persada Kencana Awards '15
Mohd Syahmir Alias, RISDEV student (ISDEV Postgraduate student by research) recently received the “Best Student Award” in Mixed-Mode category during the Majlis Persada Kencana ’15 that was held at Dewan Budaya, Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) on 31st December 2015. He received the award in recognition of his academic excellence and the huge potential of his research. He received a certificate and cash. 

According to Mohd Syahmir, this award was totally unexpected to him. Nonetheless he is grateful to Allah SWT and thanked all ISDEV lecturers, and members for all the support, guided and described the acknowledgement as a sign of recognition of his research area. Persada Kencana award is to recognize and reward the achievement and contribution of many important people who have played a significant part to the success of postgraduate education management of USM.
The winning face, from left: Dr. Shahir Akram, Mohd Syahmir, Mohd Haidzir Auzir
and Dr. Mohd Syakir with their awards.
Mohd Syahmir added that the award given to him is extremely meaningful and he valued the trust that has been placed on him by the university. He hope that by winning the award, ISDEV students will also be motivated and continue to achieve more in preserving the recognition in the tradition of excellence since the Persada Kencana Awards in 2013. He is currently conducting a research on “Bebas Nilai dalam Penyelidikan Saintifik: Kajian daripada Perspektif Perkaedahan Penyelidikan Berteraskan Islam” and under the supervision of Dr. Mohd Shukri Hanapi.

Meanwhile, eight other students also received their “School Award” in three categories. Two of them, Nurhidayati Nadiha Mukri and Nurul Suhada Ismail received the “Excellent Dissertation Award” meanwhile Mohd Haidzir Auzir received the “Best Paper Presenter for “Acuan Ekonomi Islam: Daripada Tasawwur Jahiliah kepada Tasawwur Islam”.
The Winners of Persada Kencana '15 posing a group photo
with beloved ISDEV lecturer, Dr. Fadzila Azni Ahmad
Dr. Shahir Akram Hassan, Dr. Mohd Syakir Mohd Rosdi and Dr. Wan Norhaniza Wan Hasan, who are currently ISDEV Senior Lecturers were also received "ISDEV Best Thesis Award”. At the same time, Dr. Raziah Md Tahir and Dr. Mohamad Hilmi Hidthiir (ISDEV Alumni) were also received the award in the same category.

All the winners in School Award Category received a certificate each and all the awards was presented by the Dean of Institute of Postgraduate Studies USM, Professor Othman Sulaiman. The event was officiated by the USM Deputy Vice Chancellor (Students Affairs and Alumni), Professor Dato’ Dr. Adnan Hussein.

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