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Group Photo - All the participants of MASA@Ban Nua 6.0 posing for a memento picture
in front of Ban Nua Mosque
Continuing the legacy of the seniors before them as well as part of the fulfilment of the coursework for SIW505-Epistemology and Islamic Tasawwur, MISDEV'15 (ISDEV Postgraduate by Mixed-Mode) have successfully organised an empowering program aimed at the grass root level of the Ban Nua community in Thailand named Socio-Academic Laboratory – Ban Nua 6.0 (MASA@Ban Nua 6.0). 

The 3 days-2 nights programme was held from 13 until 15 November 2015 with a total of 66 ISDEV members participated including RISDEV (ISDEV Postgraduate by Research Mode) students and lecturers.
Colouring contest for kids - Dr. Fadzila Azni Ahmad's son also taking part in the contest
With the aim to brings along a great mission of strengthening the relationship between ISDEV members and the Muslim community in the village of Ban Nua, MASA@Ban Nua 6.0 packed with useful activities such as “Qiamullail” which started as early at 4.00 am followed by the congregational Subuh prayer, a nasyeed performances for culture night, reorganising the mini library of the Ban Nua community, colouring contest for the Ban Nua kids, grooming skill session and Thai language class were also organised with the cooperation of Ban Nua representatives specially for participation of the programme. 
Organising mini library and 'gotong- royong' are the 
never-to-be- missed activities at Ban Nua
The “gotong-royong’’, is a never-to-be-missed activity was also included in the programme as participants worked together to spruce up the clean surroundings and well maintained Ban Nua Mosque. There was also a friendly futsal match organised by Prince Songhkla University between ISDEV brothers against the Ban Nua community team. The match was won by Ban Nua team with the result 3 - 1. 
(From top left)Thai Language class, grooming skill session, nasyeed performances and
futsal match are also among the activities 
Besides having informal activities, there were also an academic programme consisting of “Dialog Tasawur Pembangunan Komuniti Islam Ban Nua". The dialogue were discussed by two panels, Dr. Wisoot Lateh@Tobrani (the Imam of Ban Nua) and Ustaz Mohamad Muhaimin Mohamad Zaki (MISDEV’15 student) while Dr. Mohd Shukri Hanapi served as Moderator for the dialogue session.
The Honourable Imam of Ban Nua - Dr.Wisoot Lateh@Tobrani in his full spirit during the 'Dialog Tasawur Pembangunan Komuniti Islam Ban Nua'
With the ending of the dialogue session, MASA@Ban Nua 6.0 also came to an end. From all of the organised activities, the participants learned that the programme has further strengthened the ukhuwwah between the Ban Nua community, through several initiatives such as in the areas of knowledge sharing and cooperative ownership, management and improvement of mini library, sports and youth culture, and of course learning the Thai language too.
 One for The Picture - ISDEV participants and lecturers taking a group photo at the end of
the MASA@Ban Nua 6.0 programme
Indeed, MASA@Ban Nua 6.0 represents the commitment of ISDEV and the Ban Nua community to forge closer ties that have been consistently renewed and strengthened annually for the past 5 years. Dr. Wisoot Lateh expressed his hope that ISDEV and Ban Nua community will continue to organise such programme in the future for the sake of Ban Nua Muslim community, ISDEV students as well as Islam.

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