Tuesday, December 8, 2015


The participants of KPI'15 posing  at ease for the group photo.
A truly memorable experience as MISDEV14 (ISDEV Postgraduate Mixed-Mode) students were assigned to organize the 3-days 2-nights Kem Pembangunan Insaniah (KPI’15) programme. KPI' 15 was held from 27-29 November 2015 at Sedim Vista Homestay & Chalet, Kulim, Kedah. This annual programme emphasizes on the practical aspects of human development as a further enhancement to the theoretical aspects covered in the third semester course on Human Development (SVW502).
Parliamentary Debate and flying fox are among the activities during KPI'15.
The programme emphasised on four main elements of quality human development involving spiritual, physical, mental and emotional development. Besides MISDEV14 students and ISDEV lecturers, KPI’15 also involved MISDEV15 and RISDEV (ISDEV Postgraduate by Research) students. The main objective of this programme was to expose in reality the hands-on practical experience on applying the theories of human development that MISDEV14 students have learnt throughout the semester.. 
Slaughtering the chicken as part of the practical aspects in the art and ethics of slaughtering management
KPI’15 consisted of four cores activities. First was Public Speaking which covered the delivering of tazkirah, khutbah, parliamentary debate and presentation. Second was for the brothers to practice their role as Imam and Bilal. Third, the Art and Ethics of Slaughtering Management and fourthly was the Art and Ethics of Corpse Management. All these four activities were conducted on the three consecutive days they were there. It is a blessing as students received valuable feedback and comments by the lectures as these activities enhanced their skills or knowledge on the fard ‘ain and fard kifayah.
MISDEV15 sharpening their practical skills in handling the Art and Ethics of Corpse Management.
Besides these four core activities, KPI’15 also included outdoor activities and a cultural night. All in all KPI'15 provided opportunity for MISDEV'14 to not only discover their physical, mental and spiritual strengths, but also discover their abilities and talents throughout the wholehearted performances they displayed. All in all, KPI’15 was fruitfully conducted due to the high commitment given by MISDEV14 students, RISDEV and MISDEV15 students, lecturers as well as Sedim Vista’s staff. Everyone gained a lot of experience. Alhamdulillah the mission of this program was accomplished! All thanks to Allah SWT.
Delivering tazkirah were among  the programme in enhancing and building both
the confidence level and soft skills of the participants.

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