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The 22 ISDEV students arriving at Brunei Darussalam on 27 July 2015.
Staying in Brunei for 33 days was enough to give 1001 priceless experiences to 22 ISDEV students consisting of RISDEV (ISDEV Postgraduate by Research) and MISDEV (Postgraduate by Mixed-Mode) who were successfully participated in the programme called “ The First Socio-Academic Laboratory ISDEV-UNISSA” (MASA@UNISSA 1). The 22 students left for Brunei Darussalam on Monday, 27 July 2015, led by ISDEV Senior Lecturer, Dr. Wan Norhaniza Wan Hassan. The participants came back to Penang on 28 August 2015.
The 22 MASA@UNISSA 1 participants during the launching of the programme.
The MASA@UNISSA 1 programme was the first postgraduate programme that collaborates two highly regarded universities through a postgraduate academic programme organised by Universiti Islam  Sultan Sharif Ali (UNISSA) with ISDEV postgraduate students as the main participants. The programme was jointly organised by the Faculty of Arabic Language and Islamic Civilization (in which ISDEV Director, Professor Dr. Muhammad Syukri Salleh is currently the Adjunct Professor), Centre for Promotion of Knowledge and Language as well as the Centre for Postgraduate Studies and Research of UNISSA.

According to Dr. Wan Norhaniza Wan Hasan, this programme has achieved its objectives. All participants were so excited to be part of the programme. They turned gloomy on the last day even some of them were tears up in a plane because they did not want to leave the most wonderful time in Brunei. It can be concluded that the bond of fraternity that exists among participants achieved the main objective that is to strengthen relationship and foster the spirit of mawaddah and mahabbah among ISDEV and UNISSA students.
Enjoying their 'Majlis Sambutan Hari Raya UNISSA' with fellow friends from UNISSA.
They also have a pleasant time with all the activities every day even the schedule is tight. Even though some of them have to battle with sickness, leaving their children, husband and wife in hometown, they are still eager and spirit up to participate in all activities until the last day. The close friendship among ISDEV and UNISSA participants helped a lot in giving the moral support and this makes all participants survived the 33-day full of wonderful activities.
The participants during Arabic Language classes (right)  and their social visit at SMARTER. 
Learning the Arabic language in both formal and informal way whether in classes or by doing social works achieved the objectives of the programme. Classes taught by Dr. Ali Obeid Braima and Dr. Abuel Bashar Ali Adam managed to draw the attention of the participants. At the end of the programme some participants have already begun using Arabic in their conversation with their friends. They might be serious and jesting at the same time during the learning sessions, yet everyone was gratified for their achievements. Their achievement also recognised by both lecturers. 
Explore the fascinating 'village in the water' - Kampung Ayer.
Apart from educational activities, the participants also had the opportunity to visit and experience with communities and cultural traditions of Brunei Darussalam through a special activity called "Kenali Negara Kitani". They had a great opportunity to know better about the early history of settlement in Brunei, which began in Kampung Ayer - 'village in the water'. They were taken by boat to scrutiny along the placement. They find further information on Kampung Ayer when they visit the Gallery of Kampung Ayer Cultural and Tourism. Near the village, there is a mosque built for the residents called Masjid Omar 'Ali Saifuddien, the most beautiful mosque in the Asia Pacific and the main dome is covered in pure gold. 
Visit the tea, coconut oil and 'madu kelulut' productions as well as doing some recreational activities.  
Meanwhile, through the community service programme, they had a wonderful opportunity to visit students with autism at SMARTER, Kampung Mata-mata, Gadong. They also had the chance to visit the tea manufacturing and coconut oil in Kampung Kiundang as well as ‘madu kelulut’ production in Kampung Sg. Kelugos. They were also exposed to the recreational activities such as kayaking, flying-fox and floating. They also had been given the chance to visit Taman Agro-Technology Tungku, RBAF Saddle Club Polo & Equestrian, Berakas and Ulu Belalong, Temburong. 
Preparing Malaysian cuisines for "Majlis Sambutan Hari Raya UNISSA".
Added Dr. Wan, the most interesting experience is that they are given the opportunity to prepare Malaysian cuisines for “Majlis Sambutan Hari Raya UNISSA” within the limitation of kitchen equipment and ingredients. Regardless the limitations, all participants in the spirit of wanting to introduce Malaysian cuisines. They do not easily surrender and use the equipment as best as possible until the resulting of "laksam Kedah", "kek batik Terengganu", "Penang potato salad" and "Johor bandung soda". Everyone was so impressed with the dishes and definitely the Bruneian love Malaysian cuisines. 
The joyful faces of 22 MASA@UNISSA participants.
As the conclusion, all participants were satisfied and exultant with the programme. InshaAllah this programme will be continued in the future not only in Brunei Darussalam but also in other countries such as Thailand and Indonesia. Dr. Wan also urged all students to seize the opportunity to participate in such programme not only to introduce ISDEV and Islam to the world and to gain new knowledge but also to receive the most valuable and priceless 1001 experiences that will be cherished for the rest of their lives.

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