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This year's ISDEV Malam Graduasi was held at the Chancellery Foyer of USM.

ISDEV Malam Graduasi (Graduation Night) is steeped in tradition. It is an annual event organized by the current cohort of MISDEV (ISDEV Postgraduate by Mixed-Mode) students to honour and celebrate the academic success of their seniors.

This year's ISDEV Malam Graduasi saw no exception. MISDEV'14 students were tasked to organize the ISDEV Malam Graduasi  2015 which rounded up the convocation celebrations that MISDEV'13 and two RISDEV (ISDEV Postgraduate by Research) students experienced during the day. This year's Malam Graduasi was held on Saturday, 25 April, 2015 at the Chancellery Foyer, Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM). Many invited guests with their family members walked in with delightful expressions before the events for the auspicious night started at 8:00 pm.  
Ustaz Aisamuddin (standing) leading the do'a  while next to him is Ustaz Afnan (seated), one of the MCs for the night.

The night began with the recitation of Asma’ al-Husna and Surah Al-Fatihah. This was immediately followed with the invocation of a prayer (do'a) from Ustaz Aisamuddin seeking Allah S.W.T blessings to provide all those present - ISDEV members including academicians and administrative staff as well as graduated students with their beloved family members and current MISDEV and RISDEV students - a blessed and blissful moment to enjoy the dinner together. 
One of MISDEV'13 students, Wan Nornajwa (second from right) with her family members.
There were two masters of ceremony (MCs) for that night. They were Ustaz Afnan Hamimi and Ustaz Zufar. They kept the night moving with full of surprises and witty dialogues which made all those present felt at ease to freely mingle with one another. After dinner, guests were then entertained by ISDEV well-known artist, Dr. Mohd. Syakir together with his back-up vocals consisted of some MISDEV'13 students who were known for their rhythmically beating skills of the drums performing the nasheed of “Sunnah Orang Berjuang”. A significant theme song for ISDEV that is usually sung in most events by ISDEV. Undoubtedly this nasheed brought some sweet memories spent together in ISDEV for most of ISDEV members as well as a rendezvous of the past to some family members that night who might have used to listen and sang along with this nasheed years ago. 
A must in each ISDEV Malam Graduasi - a word of advice from the beloved ISDEV Director, Prof. Syukri Salleh.

The ceremony continued with a montage display and speech from representatives of MISDEV'13. They were Muhammad Saiful, the Class Monitor of MISDEV'13 and Nur Afifah who represented the sisters of MISDEV'13. Also not to be missed, dearly beloved and respected ISDEV Director, Professor Muhammad Syukri Salleh, whom everyone waited in eagerness for his wise and fatherly advise. They shared genuinely from their hearts and the words touched all who were there. There were also prayers made for ISDEV's strong and promising future to develop more and more people with Islamic heart, mind and overall worldview within South East Asian countries generally and Malaysia specifically. As seniors, they also thanked MISDEV'13 for such a wonderful night while Prof. Syukri Salleh expressed his hopes for MISDEV'13 to pursue their PhD level as a continuity and contribution to the Islamic Development Management knowledge worldwide.
Top: Excellent PhD Theses, Deicy (Right) and Assoc. Prof. Ab. Aziz (Left).
Bottom: Representative of the ISDEV Excellent Dissertation Awards receiving on behalf of all winners from
Dr. Fadzila Azni (right) and Dr. Mohd Syakir (left).

Finally, the moment that MISDEV'13 students were waiting for - the ISDEV Excellent Dissertation Award. Indeed it was a momentous occasion as 28 out of the 36 MISDEV'13 students received the great good news of being bestowed with the prestigious ISDEV Excellent Dissertation Award. In addition the two RISDEV students, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ab Aziz Yusoff and Dr. Deicy Natalia Karamoy whose convocation was also celebrated that night received the ISDEV Excellent PhD Thesis Award.

A never to be missed opportunity, the group photo for the ISDEV Malam Graduasi of 2015.

At the end of the night, all guests were invited to take a group photograph. As the saying goes, "A picture is worth a thousand words" it is hoped that the night would be preserved as a moment to be remembered by all guests who were there that night.

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