Sunday, December 28, 2014


The examination fever is just around the corner for Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) students. However the recent announcement made by the Students' Representative Council of USM stated that the affected students by the recent flood situation back in their hometown should not unduly worry back in their hometown and whose movement back to USM Main Campus at Minden Heights in Pulau Pinang have been curtailed by the flood situation.They have been given the assurance that their case would be considered as a Natural Disaster case.

This announcement is applicable to the five identified MISDEV students from Kelantan. Yet it is heartening to note that due to the constant and close communication that these students have with ISDEV, especially through ISDEV Director, Professor Dr. Muhammad Syukri Salleh and their peers, these students are endeavouring to make their way back to USM Main Campus to sit for the examinations that is just around the corner.

The following is a brief update on the movement of the five MISDEV students:-

Update of Movement
1. Ahmad Nazrul Alif bin Yahya
(MISDEV ’14)
Stranded at Universiti Malaysia Pahang after boarding the USM bus from USM Health Campus due to the Pahang-KL route closure.

2. Fathin Amalina binti Yaacob
(MISDEV ’13)
Still in Kelantan as plans to drive have been cancelled due to the Pahang-KL route closure.

3. Nooramira binti Ghazali
(MISDEV ’13)
Expected to arrive at USM Main Campus on Monday 29/12/2014 by flight.

4. Siti Romilah binti Majid
(MISDEV ’13)
Stranded at Universiti Malaysia Pahang after boarding the USM bus from USM Health Campus due to the Pahang-KL route closure.

Syaidatana Siti Aishah binti Ab Aziz
(MISDEV ’13)
Safely arrived at USM Main Campus on Saturday 27/12/2014 by flight.

Alhamdulillah. Praise is to Allah S.W.T. One of the five MISDEV students have to-date safely arrived at USM Main Campus. ISDEV is committed to constantly pray for the safety and well being of ISDEV students especially the remaining four MISDEV students who have not yet arrive at USM Main Campus. ISDEV prays for these students and their family members to remain strong and supplicate to Allah S.W.T for protection at all times during this period of tremendous hardship and ordeal and to remain patient and stay steadfastly strong to Allah S.W.T. Ameen.

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