Monday, November 3, 2014


The recently held 9th INGRAW 2014 (INGRAW 2014) on 27-28 October, 2014 saw a total of 87 papers reviewed by the 18 resource persons appointed by ISDEV. These papers were presented within 3 concurrent sessions of which each concurrent session is held at six different venues. 

The resource person - Dr Mohd Zaini (top left) and the three presenters in four different venues during the
First Concurrent Session of INGRAW 2014

All papers had undergone strict review by the 18 resource persons appointed for INGRAW 2014. The resource persons consisted of ISDEV lecturers and ISDEV Research Fellows from within USM as well as outside of USM. Among those involved are the newly appointed ISDEV lecturers, Dr Wannorhaniza (who was also the Chairperson of the organising committee for INGRAW 2014), Dr Mohd Syakir and Dr Shahir Akram. Of course Dr Zakaria, Dr Zahri, Dr Zaini, Dr Fadzila Azni and Dr Mohd Shukri were also involved in giving their reviews during the concurrent sessions. 

Putting a point across - the various styles and positions adopted by presenters during INGRAW 2014

From within USM, there were Dr Fatan Hamamah and Dr Nailul Murad both of School of Distance Education and Dr Nor Asmat of School of Social Sciences while from outside USM there were Dr Mohamad Helmi Hidthiir of Universiti Utara Malaysia (UUM), Dr Razali Othman of Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) and Dr Mulia Saputra of Universitas Syiah Kuala, Aceh to provide useful pointers and feedback to presenters on how best they could improve their working papers for publication purposes.

Participants totally absorbed in the intellectually stimulating atmosphere

In the meantime, these 87 papers were categorized according to the sub-themes in INGRAW 2014 consisting of Development, Human Development, Leadership, Islamic Services, Banking, Zakat, Celestial Assets, Quality & Halal Management, Current Issues, Consumerism and Consumer Behaviour, Research Methodology & Hadith and Islamic Scriptures and Thoughts.

Not wanting to miss good bargains and more importantly good scholarly Islamic books.
Three sisters are totally engaged in reading the synopsis of the books on sale.

ISDEV did not miss the opportunity to promote some of the books written by ISDEV members. A special booth displaying the various articles (in the form of ISDEV Paper Series) and publications by ISDEV members were on sale. Participants did not miss the chance the buy the books at a special discount given in conjunction with INGRAW 2014.

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