Tuesday, October 21, 2014


The well received ISDEV Qurban Lunch in conjunction with Aidiladha at the Chancellory Foyer.

In line with the spirit of Aidiladha, this great celebration which is iconised by the major obligations namely performance of the hajj and the highly rewarded nawafil act of sacrifice to gain the blessings of Allah SWT as well as to cherish the teachings of Allah SWT, ISDEV took this opportunity to celebrate Aidiladha via having a Qurban lunch during the last day of tashriq, on 8 October 2014.

The recitation of doa  before starting the meal led by Dr. Mohd Syakir.
The Qurban lunch was held at the Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) Chancellory Building and was held specially for the staff of the USM Chancellory (Vice-Chancellor's Office, Registrar Department, Bursary, Human Resource, Public Relations Office, Admission Department, Human Transformation Centre, etc). 

Part of the course work, MISDEV'13 brothers are required to help in the sacrificial slaughtering of the cow.

Doing it together, MISDEV'13 skinning the sacrificial slaughtered cow.
The day before the Qurban lunch, the sacrificial slaughter of a cow on behalf of ISDEV members was held at Nur Afifah Abu Hassan’s (MISDEV’13 student) house. The beef was then distributed to ISDEV members and the villagers.

MISDEV'13 sisters meanwhile are seen busy preparing the meal together with the villagers.

Preparing to distribute fresh beef.
According to ISDEV Director, Professor Muhammad Syukri Salleh, the main purpose of this event was not only having a Qurban lunch for the guests but it was meant to provide a practical training of conducting the animal slaughter for MISDEV’13 in line with their course Pembangunan Insaniah (Human Development) that they are taking this semester. The course requires them to do a slaughter of an animal. However, other ISDEV members and students who wanted hands-on experience on the process of slaughter were also welcome to participate. 

Some of the guests that came for the ISDEV Qurban lunch.

Besides that, the purpose of the Qurban lunch was also to express ISDEV's gratitude to the staff of USM Chancellory for their help in all matters throughout ISDEV elevated status as a Centre of Excellence.

Prof. Syukri (right) entertaining one of ISDEV guests

Prof. Syukri also added that this event will become ISDEV annual event for upcoming years and  gave ISDEV commitment that Qurban lunch will be prepared for other departments and school by rotation. 

The VIP guests for the Qurban lunch.

Also present on that day were USM Vice-Chancellor, Prof Dato' Omar Osman, Deputies Vice-Chancellors, Bursar and Heads of the various Chancellory Departments who were ISDEV Honoured Guests.

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