Saturday, August 9, 2014


In unison, ISDEV members took the opportunity to seek Allah SWT mercy and blessings with the reading of a doa led by Ustaz Shahir Akram al-Hafiz (right)

While everyone is still reeling in the festivities spirits back from their hometown for the Raya recently, ISDEV with the cooperation of ABI (ISDEV Associate Members) took the opportunity to organize a simple “Jamuan Aidilfitri” located at C05, ISDEV Meeting Room.

Prof. Syukri (left) giving his Hari Raya greetings for the Jamuan Aidilfitri to ISDEV members

The program started at 11.00 a.m. with ISDEV Director, Prof. Muhammad Syukri Salleh giving a short Hari Raya greetings. In his brief speech he hoped that the Ramadhan that ISDEV members had all gone through has given a continuous spirit of taqwa (piety) to all.  However, he sets out that to taste real taqwa, a person has to solemnly fast and not merely feet the hunger and thirst but in fact his entire outer and inner bodily parts are fasting as well. If someone is able to do that, In sha Allah (if Allah SWT wills) taqwa will always be present within that person even when he is no longer in the month of Ramadhan.

Prof Syukri had a philosophy about the birthday cake presented to him. Seen here through his interpretation of what the cake represented, an indeed happy Prof Syukri clearing what he termed as "the debris" before cutting the cake.

In addition to the jamuan (feast) held in conjunction with Hari Raya ('Eid), what was made more memorable this year was that a brief ceremony to celebrate the 60th birthday of Prof. Syukri (which was on 1st August 2014) was held. It was a surprise for him. He was overwhelmed with emotions when a cake was presented to him on behalf of everyone from ISDEV. The cake was also in conjunction with the extension of his position as ISDEV Director till December 2015 and as a Contract Professor for another three years, till 31 July 2017.

The spread of the savoury fare prepared by ISDEV members for the simple Jamuan Aidilfitri

More than 50 ISDEV members made up of ISDEV lecturers, staff and students attended the simple Jamuan Aidilfitri which was in pot-luck style. Before tasting the savoury fare prepared by ISDEV members,  Ustaz Shahir Akram graced the occasion with the reading of a prayer in seeking for Allah SWT mercy and blessings on the occasion of Prof Syukri's birthday as well as the Jamuan Aidilfitri. The programme for the day ended at 12.30 p.m.

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