Tuesday, July 22, 2014


Each year, upon the arrival of Ramadhan, ISDEV has never ceased to grab the opportunity to organize Majlis Berbuka Puasa ISDEV  (Ifatr). This year's event was of no exception. In fact this year's Iftar which carried a theme on Ramadhan Disyukri Keberkatan Dicari was made much more memorable and special with the presence of the Vice-Chancellor of Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM), Prof. Dato' Dr. Omar Osman as well as the principal officers of the university.

Everything carried out as a jemaah - pictures of before and after Iftar

The annual programme was organised by a special committee consisting of students who called themselves ABI (ISDEV Associate Member). The programme was held on 18 July, 2014 at the Dewan Utama Desasiswa RST and began with the Tahlil recitation followed with a simple Iftar (the breaking of fast) with dates, drinks and Malay traditional kuih (cakes) and shortly after that the congregational solat Mahgrib and dinner. The congregational solat Isya' ensued immediately after dinner followed by the eight rakaat of the nawafil solat tarawikh and three rakaat of witr also performed congregationally.

ISDEV was truly honoured when VC gave some brotherly advice before the programme came to an end that night. According to Prof. Dato 'Omar Osman, ISDEV has the ability to assist USM in producing a vast area of knowledge on Islam for reference especially in the English Language. In addition with more of ISDEV writings published in English, especially the various current researches carried out by ISDEV. This will enable ISDEV publications to reach a much wider audience. With  a more international audience ISDEV can now stretch its wings to be at the forefront on contemporary research in Islam whose presence is felt globally. With such an endeavour, ISDEV will be more well known internationally and thus attract more international students to conduct research with ISDEV.

Prof Adnan Hussein (2nd from right), Deputy Vice Chancellor (Student Affairs and Development) attended the Majlis Berbuka Puasa ISDEV

VC added that ISDEV has the capability to go global. Given that ISDEV had just been upgraded to a Research Centre of Excellence (CoE), a variety of plans and careful implementation pertaining to ongoing training programs as well as appropriate training modules that are suitable for the international market should be planned from now. In fact ISDEV is surrounded by other departments and centres that are ready to assist both in terms of consultancy and any other types of assistance.

The Centre for Innovation and Public Administration (PIPPA), as an example, can help ISDEV dictate programs and develop systematic training modules to increase Islamic publications in English. The VC is convinced that ISDEV can become the focus of international students to study and conduct research related to Islam if such cooperation as envisioned can be implemented.

All seated and having a light conversation with one another. 
A few moments just before the calling of azan for the iftar (break of fast). 

Amongst those present for the programme were the Deputy Vice Chancellors, Prof. Dato' Dr. Muhamad Jantan and Prof. Dr. Adnan Hussein, Director of PIPPA, Dr Haji Musa Ali, ISDEV Director, Prof. Muhammad Syukri Salleh, ISDEV Deputy Director, Dr.Zakaria Bahari, ISDEV lecturers, principals officers of the university, ISDEV students as well as family members.

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