Friday, July 4, 2014


The chairperson (left) introducing the four panellists.
(From right to 2nd left) Assoc. Prof. Dr. Noor Shakirah, Prof Syukri, Dato' Al-Ustaz Ellias 
and Prof. Dato' Omar.

"The basic attitude that should be in every individual to excel is 'taqwa'", this opinion is shared by ISDEV Director, Professor Muhammad Syukri Salleh in the recent programme on "Diskusi Ilmiah: Ramadhan & Kecemelangan Universiti" organised by the Pusat Transformasi Insan (Centre for Human Transformation), USM. The well attended programme was held at Kompleks Cahaya HEPP, Universiti Sains Malaysia, on 2nd July, 2014.

The programme also featured three other panellists made up of USM Vice Chancellor, Professor Dato' Omar Osman, Dato' Al-Ustaz Ellias Zakaria, Director of the Center for Human Transformation and Assoc. Prof Dr. Noor Shakirah Mat Akhir, Senior Lecturer of Islamic Studies with the School of Humanities. The chairperson of that day was Amirullah Zainal Abidin Mohd.

Taking ISDEV recent upgrade to a Research Centre of Excellence (CoE) as a point in reference, Prof Syukri was asked to elaborate on the definition of what he meant by taqwa. According to Prof. Syukri, for an organization to be excellent, it starts at the individual's level. Taqwa is the basic ingredient that each individual must have as the foundation to success.

Prof Syukri (holding the microphone) elaborating on this one poignant but essential point "taqwa"

Prof Syukri provided a practical application of how ISDEV members are brought to consciousness on having the attitude simultaneously practising the characteristics of those who are the muttaqeen. Quoting a few verses of the Qur'an, among the most notable traits of those with taqwa are those who believe in the unseen, perform the solat and give a portion of their rezki (sustenance), believe in what is revealed to them and the books before as well as they believe in the Hereafter.

In addition Prof Syukri mentioned that in ISDEV, each and every member are taught to respect the rights of others. Even if a lecturer intends to use an office equipment, such as a stapler for example, the consent of the owner must be obtained in advance without considering the question of rank or position.Although this practice seems small and insignificant, but ISDEV members are reminded that every action and deed will be judged by Allah SWT even as small as dzarrah (atom). Thus ISDEV does not want its members to underestimate the importance of such a small matter for fear that such actions may act as the barrier of getting Allah SWT help.

A member of the audience took the opportunity to seek the panellists' point of view on 
managing staff to excellence.

This seemingly trivial practise if nurtured from within one's self, then and only then can the traits of taqwa grow and thus navigates one's life.With taqwa imbued in every individual staff there is no need for close surveillance by the head or director of an organization. The inkling of an idea to do some misdeeds in work will by itself disappear as there is fear ingrained in one's self of Allah SWT wrath although that misdeed is not seen or noticed by one's superior or colleagues.

Prof. Syukri (5th from right) and Dato' Al-Ustaz Ellias (6th from right)
with ISDEV members who attended the programme.

With the onset of this "fear of Allah SWT" attitude, will then bring about staff who are honest, committed and sincere in doing a task for the sake of Allah SWT, hence bringing about excellence to the organization.

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