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MEDAN, Indonesia 5 Mei 2014 - The transformation of a halal lifestyle has to start from the qalb (heart) which will then bring to the development of other matters in the lives of each person as well the whole ummah.

That was what was mentioned by USM Vice-Chancellor Profesor Dato’ Dr. Omar Osman in his Keynote Address at the Persidangan Antarabangsa Pembangunan Berteraskan Islam Ke-6 (The 6th International Conference on Islamic Development (ICID2014) organized by Universitas Muhammadiyah Sumatera Utara (UMSU) and the Centre for Islamic Development Management Studies (ISDEV) USM at Hotel Madani, Medan, Indonesia.

The Conference was attended by about 150 participants including both ISDEV and UMSU students.

Also in attendance of the Conference was ISDEV Director, Profesor Dr. Muhammad Syukri Salleh. Prof. Syukri also presented his paper on "Halal dari Perspektif Ekonomi" (Halal from the Economic Perspective). There were also three other papers presented that day. One was by Professor Dr. Nawir Yuslem from the State Islamic Institute entitled "Halal Field from the Perspective of Religion"; the other was by Professor Dr. Farid Wajdi M.Hum from UMSU who presented a paper entitled "Halal from the Perspective of Law" and the third was by Profesor Dr Basaruddin of LPPOM-MUI Sumatra Utara on Halal dari Perspektif Manajmen (Halal from the Management Perspective).

The Conference also saw USM Vice-Chancellor signing a Memorandum of Understanding with UMSU Rector, Dr. Agussani for academic collaborations, students' exchange and research on both sides.

USM Vice Chancellor was also garbed with "Ulos UMSU" by UMSU Rector as the highest accolade given by UMSU to USM.

Explaining the transformation of halal lifestyle in his Keynote Address, Prof Dato' Omar said that this effort is also closely related with the transformation of the others such as religion, economics, sciences, laws and consumerism. However the utmost important transformation starts with the qalb (heart).

Prof Dato' Omar added that the university as a knowledge institution needs to play the role in implementing the transformation that could lead to the shaping of a noble and well-mannered personality. This can bring about other positive changes whether in management or administration which will also bring about a change in economic, social and  community development holistically.

“As an example, the transformation of the qalb is needed through eating halal foods that shapes one's soul in obtaining guidance and blessings from Allah SWT, avoid various illness of the heart such as being grumpy and grouchy, hot tempered, egoistic and others" Prof Dato' Omar added further.

This will bring to other endeavours including the development of the halal industry which has the ability to influence a halal lifestyle within the community and benefit the Islamic ummah in the whole world that is estimated to be around 2.04 billion people, that covers 28.26% of humans in this world with the majority in the African continent, that is 581 million Muslims, 56 million in the European continent and some other continents recording a relatively large amount.

The University can also play a role in research and production of halal products according to Islamic tenets to enhance the available capability and capacity besides adding new knowledge and new products to meet market needs.

In fact it is not only closely related to the economy but also the values ​​of humanity based on halal lifestyle including culture as being done by many of today's popular culture.

"We do not want players who only think about profit only, we also do not want scientists who can only verify the halal status of a product but are not able to translate halal into the context of current time, not only optimize the benefits but are more focused on the importance of a halal lifestyle," said the Vice-Chancellor.

To achieve this, Omar suggested that there are two main aspects to be addressed in the context of qalb  management, first is Tazkiah al-nafs (self-purification process) and the second is the importance of the ongoing da'wah (propogation) efforts as a basis to build a halal lifestyle.

Last night, the Vice-Chancellor and the ISDEV entourage were also treated in a dinner attended by UMSU Rector Dr. Agussani, Head of Muhammadiyah Regional Leadership, Professor Dr. Asmuni, Deputy Rector and the top leadership of UMSU.

Prof. Dr. Dato' Omar also gave the subh tazkirah to participants.

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