Thursday, April 17, 2014


ISDEV brothers - ready to be intellectually captivated

“Good proposal with minimum of errors”. Those were the comments received by RISDEV (Postgraduate Research Mode) student, Shereeza Mohamed Saniff regarding her PhD proposal presented on 24 March 2014 at C06, School of Social Sciences. She was one of the two RISDEV candidates who presented their PhD research proposals. The other candidate was Nurbani Md. Hassan.

Knowing her stuff - Shereeza (in green headgear) presenting her PhD proposal

Shereeza presented on the title A Conceptual Analysis of the Islamic–based Development Actor for Contractual Documents in Islamic Asset Management received positive comments from ISDEV lecturers especially the evaluator, Dr. Zakaria Bahari. Dr. Zakaria commented that except for the slight technical errors in her PhD proposal, the meticulous writing coupled with the determination in her work left hardly any room for arguments to deny the facts used in her writings.

Nurbani's (second from right) ability to firmly stand her ground provided a lasting positive impression

The second candidate, Nurbani Md. Hassan, then presented her proposal on Microfinance Program for Zakat Institution: Analysis and Proposed Implementation. Her presentation was also considered unusual as she was given the thumbs up for the tenacity in defending her PhD proposal. Scores of questions were asked to her from ISDEV lecturers and students but at every question she was ready with an answer or response. She defended her proposal with confidence and much aplomb.

Prof. Syukri (left) summing up the two presentations of that day

ISDEV Director, Professor Muhammad Syukri Salleh summed up the positive aspects from the two presentations that he hoped ISDEV students can emulate. According to Prof. Syukri, the attitude shown by the two RISDEV students ought to be in each and every student of ISDEV. One is the care taken in choosing facts that the information presented left no room for anyone to rebut the facts presented. The other positive attitude is to be well versed and acquainted with one’s objective and purpose of embarking in one’s research so that one can firmly stand ground and not easily swayed to accept ideas, information or thoughts if one feels that it is not appropriate and not relevant.

At the end, both candidates get the thumbs up to proceed further their PhD research. Prof. Syukri reminded all ISDEV students to make an example from these two RISDEV candidates in both their effort and attitude that have showcased the potential to produce writings and research of high quality.

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