Thursday, March 6, 2014


A leader who knows no rest - an enthusiastic Prof Syukri explaining about"Magnetic Institution"

Institusi Magnetik (Magnetic Institution) was the catch phrase of the day for the Tarbiyyah Pengarah ISDEV in February, 2014. This was the topic of the monthly address to ISDEV fraternity by ISDEV Director, Prof. Muhammad Syukri Salleh at C23, Social Science Conference Room, USM on 28 February 2014.
Before detailing on what he meant by Institusi Magnetik, Prof. Syukri reiterated the importance to each and every member of ISDEV to have the characteristics of an "Oceanic Intellectual". To this Prof Syukri reminded ISDEV members of the oath taken by them in Danau Toba a few years back with a theme on "Tadabbur Alam". Then ISDEV members had vowed to have within them the characteristics of Ulul al-Baab (a group of people imbued with the treasures of knowledge within him). When the characteristics of an Ulul al-Baab are realised by every individual member of ISDEV only then that this "Oceanic Intellectual" permeates into heart, body and limbs of all ISDEV members. So when there are such characteristics by all members of ISDEV, then others will be attracted to know ISDEV and thus yearn to be part of ISDEV. 

As usual - a full house for the Tarbiyah Pengarah ISDEV

However does ISDEV have the capacity and capability to attract other intellectuals not just from within Malaysia but internationally as well into ISDEV? To achieve this ISDEV needs to be an Institusi Magnetik. Is ISDEV poised to be an Institusi Magnetik?

Prof. Syukri then presented some facts and figures based on a report on ISDEV presented to USM Senate on 10 February 2014. Three main extrinsic factors on the magnetic energy of ISDEV have been identified. First is the presence of Oceanic Intellectuals in ISDEV who are not only known for their expertise in their chosen academic fields but who are also able to be ambassadors of ISDEV who are of high morals and integrity. Second is ISDEV's website through ISDEV homepage and ISDEVNews. Third is the personal blog of the lecturers of ISDEV.

Requests for the secret to the coining of the term Institusi Magnetik - Shereeza (centre) poses a question to Prof Syukri

Then Prof. Syukri stressed the focus to which this the magnetic energy is to be channelled to.He emphasized that the energy should not be used for the gains of a certain group of people in ISDEV let alone individuals in ISDEV for fear that the seeds of obsession in them may be sown and thus grow. The magnetic energy needs to be channelled to ISDEV to strengthen the jema'ah. Once ISDEV as jema'ah is strong, members of ISDEV have the shared ability to glorify and strengthen Islam. There is a need in attracting others to ISDEV naturally as opposed to by way of force. Thus ISDEV members must always be mindful of the objectives for which ISDEV strives for. ISDEV strives the utmost best for Islam. ISDEV strives to glorify Islam. This objective is achieved through various means at ISDEV. Among them is the heart to heart methods of teaching and learning, collective expertise, academic program, academic researches, the environment and ISDEV achievements.

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