Thursday, December 19, 2013


 Professor Syurki Salleh addressing ISDEV members during the
Tarbiyah Pengarah ISDEV

28 Nov - Another two ISDEV PhD candidates (or "RISDEV students") get the approval to proceed with their thesis proper. They are Nur Hanani Ismail and Mohd. Rizal Abu Bakar. The PhD proposal presentations were divided into two sessions. It was held on Thursday 28 November, 2013 at C23. The first session was the Tarbiyah Pengarah ISDEV delivered by Professor Muhammad Syukri Salleh, ISDEV Director. The second session continued with PhD Thesis Proposal Presentations. Both sessions were well attended as students who were late for the programme had to search for chairs elsewhere.

 The packed Conference Room of C23

For this month’s Tarbiyah Pengarah ISDEV, Prof. Syukri addressed ISDEV members on “Merealisasi Agenda Besar’ (Realising the Big Agenda). The focus of his address was on the reality of ISDEV to be a Centre of Excellence. He recalled the background and journey of ISDEV which started with a seed of an idea. He reminded ISDEV members not to give up with the trials and tribulations that came by. Instead to believe that every difficult ordeal faced will be awarded something that is unexpected.

Nur Hanani (left) listening to the comments given by Dr Zahri (right)

In the second session, Nur Hanani was the first to present her PhD proposal on "Kaedah Naqad Al-Hadith Sebagai Kaedah Penentu Kesahan Data bagi Penyelidikan berkaitan Islam” (The Method of Naqad Al-Hadith as a Method to Determine Validity of Data for Research on Islam). Her proposal was evaluated by Dr. Zahri Hamat. 

 Rizal was seriously focus in his PhD proposal presentation

Thereafter Mohd. Rizal Abu Bakar took his turn to present his PhD proposal on ‘Taksiran Zakat Pertanian Dalam Kalangan Usahawan Padi di Kelantan’ (Agriculture Zakat Assessment Among Paddy Entrepreneurs in Kelantan). Dr. Mohd Shukri Hanapi, evaluated his proposal.

Professor Muhammad Syukri Salled, ISDEV Director, is supervising Nur Hanani Ismail with Dr. Fadzila Azni Ahmad acting as her co-supervisor. For Mohd.Rizal Abu Bakar, Dr. Zahri Hamat is his main supervisor. Dr Fadzila Azni Ahmad was the chairperson throughout the programme.

 Dr Zakaria (right) added some suggestions to improve the students' proposals

After a detailed evaluation, the two candidates received the good news that their PhD research proposals were accepted. They had been given the endorsement to proceed with their thesis proper under the supervision of their respective supervisors.

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