Tuesday, September 3, 2013


A confident Mohd Shakir (left) answers some questions from ISDEV members

3 Sept - Simple and concise. Those expressions can be described as Mohd Shakir Mohd Rosdi (PhD candidate) presented his PhD proposal on 23 July 2013 at C06, School of Social Sciences. He was one of the two ISDEV candidates who presented on their research proposals. The other candidate was Fakhruddin Abd Rahman.

One of the three slides used by Mohd Shakir in his PhD proposal presentation

Mohd Shakir presented on the title ‘Tahaluf Siyasi dalam Ekonomi Politik Islam: Satu Kajian (Tahaluf Siyasi in Islamic Political Economy: A Theoretical Study) received positive comments from the lecturers because of his simple and concise presentation. He tried adopting the recommendations given by ISDEV Director, Professor Muhammad Syukri Salleh to use only one or at least less than five power point slides in his PhD proposal presentation. His successful attempt prompted Prof. Syukri to challenge ISDEV students to follow suit, that is, strive to present using at least one and at the most five power point slides, in any of their presentations.

Fakhruddin Abd Rahman (left) presenting his Master's thesis proposal

Thereafter, ISDEV Masters candidate, Fakhruddin Abd Rahman, presented his proposal on his Masters’ thesis titled 'Pencapaian Pembangunan Wakaf di Masjid Kapitan Keling di Pulau Pinang’. His presentation was also considered unusual because his Masters proposal had been evaluated at a PhD level while the comments and guidance he received was equivalent to a PhD candidate. It was indeed an honour to him in recognition of his strive-hard attitude to produce a written thesis proposal of equal standing to a PhD proposal. Prof. Syukri reminded all ISDEV students present to make an example of his effort in producing writings of high quality.

ISDEV students at C06

ISDEV members must take note at all times that in ISDEV, all comments, recommendations and suggestions for improvement are not aimed at ridiculing one’s thesis or dissertation, but it is as a guide to produce better quality thesis and dissertation for an opportunity to be nominated for the best thesis award.

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