Tuesday, September 24, 2013


A serene looking and composed Wan Anisah
just moments before presenting her final draft PhD thesis

24 Sept - Wan Anisah binti  Endut  has completed her PhD thesis. But, as a normal practice for ISDEV, before she is allowed to submit her thesis for the examiners' evaluation, ISDEV requires her to present her findings first at the ISDEV Graduate Monthly Supervision. For the month of August, the supervision was held on 28 August, 2013 at the University Conference Hall and began at 9:00am sharp.

A serious Dr. Zakaria (right) giving his evaluation on Wan Anisah's draft PhD Thesis

The main aim of requiring RISDEV students to present their final draft PhD thesis before submission to the Institute of of Postgraduate Studies (IPS) is in line with the Islamic spirit of helping one another in the spirit of al-Birr (righteousness) and al-Taqwa (piety). It is through this final presentation that further polishing and tying up of loose ends, if any, can be achieved before a student is allowed to submit the thesis proper to IPS. The thesis, whether at the Master’s level or PhD, is endeavoured to be submitted in the best quality possible, hence entailed with excellent results.

Yet another full house - The turn out at DPU!
Wan Anisah thesis entitled ‘Asas dan Pembentukan Perakaunan Zakat Saham di Institusi-Institusi Zakat di Malaysia’ (Basis and Formation of Shares Zakat Accounting at the Zakat Institutions in Malaysia) was reviewed by Dr. Zakaria Bahari. Wan Anisah is pursuing her PhD thesis under the guidance and supervision of Dr. Zahri Hamat while her co-supervisor is Dr. Fadzila Azni Ahmad.

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