Friday, August 2, 2013


ISDEV members reciting the tahlil in unison

For those who love watching the live talk show "Assalamualaikum" which airs every Thursday to Sunday from 8.00am to 10.00am on TV Al Hijrah, would probably recognize the proprietary name of Taha Mohd Omar or better known as ‘Ustaz To-Ha’. He is a full-time PhD student at ISDEV under the supervision of ISDEV Director, Professor Muhammad Syukri Salleh. He is working on the Best Practices of Hajj and the Spiritualisation of Hajj Technological Facilities.

The unassuming Ustaz Taha

During the occasion of the ISDEV Iftar held on 18th July recently, Ustaz To-ha was given the task of leading the congregational Tarawikh prayers and delivering a 15-minute tazkirah in between the prayers. Citing the words from a Hadith he stressed out the advantages of fasting that Allah SWT has bestowed specifically for the ummah of Prophet Muhammad SAW compared to the previous ummah. First, the unbearable smell of the mouths who fast is more fragrant than musk to Allah SWT. Second, the fish in the sea continually seeks forgiveness for those who fast until the break of fast. Third, every day Allah SWT decorates His heavens for those whom Allah SWT says that His righteous servant’s time is up and whom Allah SWT wants to free from the burden of this worldly life. Fourth, the devils are locked up. Fifth on the last night of Ramadan Allah SWT will forgive the sins of those who fast like a worker who received his wages after he has completed his work.

ISDEV members prepare for the breaking of fast
The Tazkirah  by Ustaz Taha in session
Suraya one the newlyweds receiving the gift from Prof Syukri
Apart from the highlights of the night which were the breaking of fast and the congregational Tarawikh prayers, the ISDEV Iftar started with tahlil reading led by Ustaz Khairul Faizi. At the end of the occasion, ISDEV Director, Professor Muhammad Syukri Salleh presented gifts to three newlyweds of ISDEV (Suraya, Nuraisyah, and Dr Zahri's son). In addition, collection made by ISDEV for victims of the Aceh earthquake recently was also presented to Pak Isnaini, the representative of the North Sumatera chapter of ISDEV's Ikatan Pelajar dan Alumni (IPA).

ISDEV members enjoying the meal after the maghrib congregational prayers
This annual ISDEV Iftar event serves more than just the breaking of fast together but an opportunity to further strengthen the bond of Islamic ukhuwwah as well as the sharing of joy and sorrow among ISDEV fraternity. The event was hosted by ISDEV Associate Members (ABI) at Dewan Utama Desasiswa, Universiti Sains Malaysia. More than 100 ISDEV members and guests attended the event.

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