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The Tazkirah : The Method of Seeking Knowledge based on Tauhiid

1 July - The ISDEV Monthly Graduate Supervision for June 2013 was held at the University Conference Hall (DPU) of Universiti Sains Malaysia on Friday 28 June, 2013. The program started at 9.30am with a brief Tazkirah delivered by Ustaz Dr. Mohd. Shukri Hanapi who emphasized on “The Method of Seeking Knowledge Based on Tauhid” (Kaedah Menuntut Ilmu Berasaskan Tauhid).

A serious Dr. Shukri delivering the Tazkirah

Dr. Shukri used Surah Al–‘Alaq as a template to explain that in whatever one does the dependence of hope on Allah SWT should at all times be present. However the scope of his Tazkirah, by making reference to Surah Al–‘Alaq, was about seeking knowledge. He stressed that one must have belief that Allah SWT is the absolute owner of knowledge and when one has learned to have self-discipline, pray, strive and place reliance on Allah SWT in seeking knowledge then the knowledge sought will be given blessings and mercy and thus brings success.

This Tazkirah session of the “Tarbiyah Perngarah” which was customarily delivered by ISDEV Director, Professor Muhammad Syukri Salleh during ISDEV Monthly Graduate Supervision was adjourned to the next month. Prof Syukri and his Deputy, Dr. Zakaria Bahari were in Tunisia, representing USM and ISDEV, to present their papers at the 2nd Sfax International Forum on Islamic Conference.

Dr Fadzila Azni lectured on Operational Definitions

The next session then continued with Dr. Fadzila Azni Ahmad delivering her lecture on “Operational Definitions”. A few students were asked to answer several questions based on their thesis and dissertation for a much better and in-depth understanding. A Q & A session also arose after her lecture. The supervision ended at 12.30 pm.

Ustaz Syakir (front-right) answering a question posed by Dr Fadzila Azni

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